Angel is living with vampires,and has been all her life . One Direction end up speaking at her school , what will she do when the boys tell her .well read to find out what happens to this crazy girl.sorry changed it becuse of terrible writers block.


5. morning again


I was blushing like crazy at that remark. I walked to the door and hugged my mom. She didn’t seem to like the boys. I wonder why, she usually likes all my friends. I couldn’t wait till Monday. Then I could see Harry and the boys after school. My dad waited in the car that is very unusual for him. Then again I have been missing to them since last night.

“Where have you been young lady? How did you meet those boys?”

“Dad calm down. Those boys were our guest speakers they are the ones who invited me to diner. The window broke and they took me to their house because I fainted.”

“Oh ok sorry I over reacted. You know I just want the best for you.”

“Yeah let’s just drop the subject it’s not like I am ever going to hear from them ever again. “I lied smoothly.

-Liam’s pov- the morning after the diner.

I heard something stir up stairs then I hear a scream we all run up stairs at human speed incase Ally was conscious. She wasn’t she was on the ground. Harry and I pick her up and set her back on the bed. After a little bit she woke up again. Harry and Louis were in her room. I heard Louis come down stairs. Then after about fifteen minutes Harry comes down carrying Ally. He sat her down on the couch and left. She looked uncomfortable then Louis went ahead and sat right by her. She grabbed her phone and dialed a number. She sounded a little happy that whoever was on the other end picked up. Once she was done she told us she had a half hour left then her mom would pick her up. Harry comes in with some food I already had food with me. Harry sat right next to her.

After some random conversation the doorbell rings. I get up and go to answer it. It was a vampire I could tell by the sent. Great who knows it could be the one who attacked us last night.

The lady at the door glares at me coldly as she said. “Where is my daughter? I know she is in there.”

Weird she is not like most vampire parents, then again Angel has a little sister that is sick and diagnosed with cancer. “On second ma’am.” I say then turn my back and yell. Making sure I was being annoying “Ally your mum is here.” She says good bye and leaves.

AN sorry this is short i am busy with home work. I love that I am not getting much or any hate and I didnt notice that I took something out of twilight till one of you guys pointed it out. I havent read those books in a while you might notice things like that but there just ideas I have.



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