Angel is living with vampires,and has been all her life . One Direction end up speaking at her school , what will she do when the boys tell her .well read to find out what happens to this crazy girl.sorry changed it becuse of terrible writers block.


7. Mondays


Monday morning

Shay came over to my house with his usually smiling face knowing he might get to meet One Direction. As we were going to school he asked the questin.

“So I am guessing you asked Harry if I could hang with you guys.”

“Yeah and they said No.” I said calmly but on the inside I was laughing.

“What, why. I’m not that creepy am I? Or do they not like gays. Tell me Angel.”

“Well I don’t see what the big deal is considering you’re going with me to their house later so you can stop freaking out.”

“Wait you just said I am not going. Then you said I am. Tell me you’re not joking and I am going with you. You know how much they mean to me.”

“Fine, you and I are going to the boys’ flat shortly after school.”

After School at Harrys Flat with the boys and their girlfriends.

I wait with Shay at the door to their flat. Harry opens the doors and gives me a big bear hug. I hear laughter behind him. As Harry lets go of me I see Zayn, some chick next to him, Liam, Danielle, Louis, Eleanor, and Niall. I haven’t meet Zayn’s Girlfriend and Shay was standing next to me with his Jaw open to the floor. Of course I rolled my eyes at him.

As Harry told Shay and I who everyone was I heard the pretty light brown haired girls name was Tina. She seemed nice.


Theres the update guys I was am still grounded from my computer but am staying at my grand parents house for the weekend sorry I realy am. I care that you guys actually care about this so keep reading thank you :) 



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