fovever mine

this is for the 1D compition


1. will you?.....

Ryders P.O.V

Today was valentine's day and I was planning to spend it with my boyfriend harry.

I rolled over to face harry still sleeping. He looks so beautiful when he's sleeping.

he woke up and said"good morning beautiful happy valentine's day".

He kissed me and got out of bed he noticed I was still blushing for what he said and smiled.

"get dressed im taking you out"he said while picking me up bridel style and putting me in front of my closet.

"but im too lazy"i said while play with my pink hair and sticking my tounge out.

"Please for me?"he said while giving me a puppy dog face.

"ugh fine"i said. He left and I started looking at my clothes I found a cute dress. It was a high low dress that was baby blue with hot pink flowers and a little green leaves. I choose to wear that and black converse with a black fedora.

I headed down stairs and saw that harry was ready. He was staring at me and looking at me up and down.

"Take a picture it'll last longer"i said while winking at him. He laughed and then said"You ready to go?".

"yep"i said He took my hand and took me to his car and handed me a blindfold.

"what's that for?"i asked looking like a lost puppy. He said "just put it on and you'll see.

"hmmmm ok i'll trust you with this on styles"i said while putting on the blindfold.

He drove for about 5min. and then the car stoped I heard his door open and close. Then I heard my door open he picked me up bridel style and started walking.

We finally reached our destionation and he told me to take off my blind fold. I started looking around and I noticed he took me to the beach I had a smile from ear to ear I looked at him and jumped on him and gave him a big kiss.

"You like he said while pointing at a blanket with a picnic basket.

I nodded quickly and sat down with him we chatted until the sun started setting.

I saw him take out a box that was purple .

He was looking at me with a smile from ear to ear and handed me the box.

I opened the box and saw a beautiful diamond necklace.

I looked at him and said"its beautiful".

"Do you want me to help you put it on" he asked  while taking the box from my hand.

"Yes please"he put it one me.

"happy valentine's day baby"he said while kissing me.

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