They Dont Know About Us

~Harry Styles Love Story~

Rosalie Demetra Lloyd is the famous Cher Lloyd's sister. Cher doesn't want Rosalie to date any of the One Direction boys for fear of them hurting her sister. Little does she know Rosalie and Harry have been getting closer since they met. No one knows about their deep feelings for each other. Harry desperately wants to tell the world of his love for Rosalie but Rosalie is terrified of what Cher would say.

"Harry I want to tell people but what about Cher?" -Rosalie Demetra Lloyd



OMG Ok I am like really excited because of 362 views!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is amazing!!!!! I really didnt think that this book was gonna do that well but i guess i was wrong......i mean i know its not in the 1000 or 2000 like a lot of peoples books but its still good and i am still proud of myself lol......well yeah so i just wanted to share that with everyone haha :) <3333

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