They Dont Know About Us

~Harry Styles Love Story~

Rosalie Demetra Lloyd is the famous Cher Lloyd's sister. Cher doesn't want Rosalie to date any of the One Direction boys for fear of them hurting her sister. Little does she know Rosalie and Harry have been getting closer since they met. No one knows about their deep feelings for each other. Harry desperately wants to tell the world of his love for Rosalie but Rosalie is terrified of what Cher would say.

"Harry I want to tell people but what about Cher?" -Rosalie Demetra Lloyd


5. Chapter 3


The whole date was just perfect.

We laughed, and smiled, then we talked about life.

It was just an amazing date.

I was a little upset when the date was over I could tell she was a little upset too.

"We will have another date again.....soon......I promise" I said smiling.

She smiled in response.

When I paid for the food I took her hand and we left the restaurant.

We walked to my car.

She slightly pushed me up against it an kissed me again.

"Sorry...I just really like kissing you" She said blushing a little.

I smiled and kissed her again.

""I really like kissing you too" I made her blush even more.

I smiled and walked her to the other side of the car and I opened the door for her.

I watched her get in then I shut the door and jogged to my side.

I got in and started the car.

"So I'm taking you home right" I asked backing up out of the parking space.

She looked up at me and smiled.

"Where else would I go" She asked kinda moving closer to me.

I smiled at her and took her hand.

"Well maybe you could come to my house and we could watch a romantic movie and hang out" I said smiling.

When I said hang out I really meant it. I didn't want to rush anything....not with her.

She was special.

She smiled up at me and leaned her head on my shoulder.

"That sounds good...should I call my sister" She asked.

"Um no...Its fine...ill bring you back in the morning before she wakes up" I said watching the road.

I saw her smile and nod out of the corner of my eye.

"When we get there you can have my bed and I will take the couch" I said.

She sat her head up and looked at me.

" can sleep in your bed with me" She said sitting up straight in her seat.

"Well I mean...if that's what you really want than sure" I said smiling.

I Mean yeah I wanted to take things slow but I wasn't about to give up an opportunity on having her wrapped in my arms looking so adorable and cute sleeping.

Ok I just really wanted to go home and sleep...right now.

I Started speeding a little and we finally got there.

I got out of the car and opened her door for her.

She smiled and took my hand.

We walked in my house and her on her face was a huge smile.

"Holy shit...your house is huge" She said smiling.

I laughed a little and took her coat off and took her little purse thing.

She smiled.

I took her hand and led her up to my bedroom.

I  opened the door and we walked in.

She walked to the bed and sat down taking her shoes off.

I Smiled and walked to my dresser and I got some pajama pants for me and one of my shirts and and a pair of basketball shorts for her.

"Here you go love" I said handing them to her.

She smiled and took them.

"Ill go in the bathroom so you can change" I walked to the bathroom and she stopped me.

"No its can stay in here.

She started getting undressed and so did I.

When she was dressed again she looked so cute in my clothes.

I Put my pajama pants on leaving my shirt off.

I pulled back the blanket and climbed into bed.

She smiled and got in with me.

She moved closer to me and laid her head on my chest and I smiled.

She looked up at me and kissed me.

I kissed back and smiled.

"Goodnight" she said smiling.

"Goodnight" I said holding her close to me.

I think I'm in Love.

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