They Dont Know About Us

~Harry Styles Love Story~

Rosalie Demetra Lloyd is the famous Cher Lloyd's sister. Cher doesn't want Rosalie to date any of the One Direction boys for fear of them hurting her sister. Little does she know Rosalie and Harry have been getting closer since they met. No one knows about their deep feelings for each other. Harry desperately wants to tell the world of his love for Rosalie but Rosalie is terrified of what Cher would say.

"Harry I want to tell people but what about Cher?" -Rosalie Demetra Lloyd


2. Chapter 1


*Two Months Later*


Rosalie and Harry saw each other almost everyday after they met.

They exchanged numbers and texted all the time.

They were practically best friends, but Harry wanted to be more.

Little did he know, so did Rosalie.

Cher never knew they talked, or saw each other and they wanted to keep it that way.

They were always careful when they were in public together, making sure no paparazzi were around.

Harry and Rosalie always came up with lies when people would ask where they were going.

Harry would say, "I'm going to visit my mum," and Rosalie would say, "I'm going to the mall."

They didn't like lying to the people they cared about, but it was for the best.





I was texting Harry, hiding my phone from Cher so she couldn't see who I was texting.

My phone vibrated and I smiled lightly to see it was Harry.

H- Hey beautiful. Xx

R- :) Hey Hazz.

H- What are you doing later on? Xx

R- Probably nothing, why?

H- I was wondering if you wanted to go out to the movies then go out to dinner..? Xx

R- Cher has me on a tight leash but I'll try.

H- Oh well, screw her. I'll pick you up at 4:00. Xx

R-  :) Ok I can't wait

H- Dress pretty for me love ok? Xx

R- Ok I will :)

H- ;) Ok beautiful its 3 so ill let you get ready. Xx

R- Haha ok ill see you in an hour

H- :) Ok love see you then


I went to go get ready, thinking about how to get passed Cher, and or being questioned by her.

I get dressed in this (, and wait for Harry to come.

My phone buzzed in my clutch and I reached for it and looked at the text.

H- Hey lovely I'm here...want me to get you from the back? Xx

R- No I will just go out the front door...Cher is in the back

H- Ok love...I go you flowers :). Xx

R- Aw Harry you didn't have to

H- Yes I did Xx

R- :) I'm walking out the house now

 H- I know I see you lol. Xx


He got out of the car and he is leaning up against the car smiling at me showing his

award winning dimples.

He is holding beautiful Daisy's in his hands.

I smile and walk over to him.

"You look absolutely beautiful Love" He said smiling and pulling me by my waist into a hug as he kissed me

on the cheek.

I pulled away and looked him up and down smiling.

"You don't look to bad yourself" I said smiling.

He chuckled and walked around to the passenger door and opened it for me.

I smiled and got in the car.

He bent down and handed me the flowers.

"Here you are beautiful" he smiled and closed my door and got in the driver side.

I just sat there smiling and blushing.



I got in and smiled at her. I had to look at her again.

God she looked beautiful.

I blushed once she looked at me in my eyes and I quickly turned my head and started the car.

"Do you like Italian" I asked with a smile plastered on my face.

She smiled and looked at me.

"Yeah I love Italian"

I smiled at her and pulled out of the driveway speeding down the road.

Her hand was just there, I wanted to just grab it and feel her soft skin.

I took a deep breath and I took her hand in mine.

She didn't pull away. She smiled and blushed.

Her blush was so cute.

She was so cute.

I wanted her to be mine so bad, but I know that wouldn't happen and right now I'm ok with it because

right now in this moment it was like she was already mine and I loved it.

We shortly arrived at the restaurant and I got out of the car and opened the door for her like a gentleman.

She got out of the car with such grace it made my knees go weak.

I have never felt like this about a girl before and I have never been so sure of a girl before until

I met Rosalie...She had to be the one.

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