They Dont Know About Us

~Harry Styles Love Story~

Rosalie Demetra Lloyd is the famous Cher Lloyd's sister. Cher doesn't want Rosalie to date any of the One Direction boys for fear of them hurting her sister. Little does she know Rosalie and Harry have been getting closer since they met. No one knows about their deep feelings for each other. Harry desperately wants to tell the world of his love for Rosalie but Rosalie is terrified of what Cher would say.

"Harry I want to tell people but what about Cher?" -Rosalie Demetra Lloyd


1. Prolouge

Rosalie has seen him before but only in pictures. Rosalie thought of the picture of him and her sister when they were

X-Factor. She looked at the boy who was smiling back at her with these

amazing deep dimples. She smiled and blushed but quickly looked away when her sister Cher walked in the room

breaking the awkward silence.

"So I see you guys have already been introduced," Cher said smiling as she walked over to the empty

spot on the couch next to me.

"Yeah we have." The boy said with a deep slow voice.

Truth is we didn't even know each others names. We didn't even talk just smiled and made awkward eye contact.

Cher smiled at Harry then at me.

"Rosalie stop being so quiet." She said with a light laugh.



So that was her name. Rosalie. It was beautiful. It rolled off my tongue as I turned toward her with a smile.

"Rosalie, that's a beautiful name." I said giving her my cheeky grin.

I saw her cheeks turn a deep pink and I smiled at her.

"I'm Harry," I said showing my dimples.

She had her head down trying to hide the fact that she was blushing and she nodded.

I couldn't help but keep a smile plastered on my face as she sat there blushing.

I looked at Cher who gave me an annoyed look.

She knew what I was doing and she didn't like it.

I smiled cheeky at her as she motioned me to stand up and follow her.

I followed her to the dinning room.

"What's wrong?" I said leaning up against the table.

"Stay away from my sister Styles,"  she said sternly.

I let out a little chuckle and shook my head my curls bouncing.

"Why? I just want to take her out on one date." I said looking at Rosalie biting my bottom lip.

Cher saw me and smacked me in the arm.

"What?!" I said laughing and following her back into the living room where the girl that would soon be mine sat on the couch still


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