Once loved, always loved

Hi, my names Ashley. I've got Brown, little bit wavy long hair with blonde tips at the bottom, and i'm 18 I was living with my mother peacefully until I found out that she got a new job as One directions new wardrobe stylist. i'm not that much of a fan to them but they are kinda cute. Will Ashley fall in love with one of the boys? or will the boys fall in love with one of her??


4. The walk

It was fun walking with the boys from One direction. Yes, they would get fans to sign them some autographs and other things. But I still loved walking with them, Harry stayed with me the whole time, he didn't want to sign any autographs, he would just stand there with me holding hands. I just love how he cares for me so much.



We decided to take a break from walking, so we went to the nearest coffee shop to get some drinks. "Me and Harry will get some seats while u order." I said grabbing Harrys hand. "where do you want to sit love?" He asks. I examine the place, look for a place for us to sit. I spotted a empty couch. "How about there?" i asked pointing. "Yeah sure." He said. I grabbed his hand and walked there with him. "So Harry." I started. "Yes love?" He asked looking into my eyes. His eyes were perfect. I was lost in them emerald eyes. then i realized i was talking to Harry. I shake it off and smile embarrassingly, looking at the table. "So, uh anyways, Why didn't you sign any autographs?" I asked. "I didn't want you too feel lonely." He says smiling. "I'm sure i wouldn't get lonely Styles."  I said. "Oh sure, you wouldn't mind if i signed autographs for beautiful girls who want my autograph and pictures-"  "Okay okay! I might get lonely." I said shyly interrupting him. He just chuckles deeply. They came back with all our drinks.


We were drinking our drinks when I can hear "They don't know about us" On the radio. "Hey! Shhh!" I said putting a finger on my lip. "Listen" I said quietly. "T-Thats our song... THATS OUR SONG LADS!!!" Liam screams out. They all scream in happiness and joy. I laugh at their reaction. They start to sing a-long. they we're all singing to me. I smiled and blushed a pink-ish red. I could tell people could hear them because they would stare at us as if they we're cray cray. But I loved how they harmonized this song. Especially Zayn's high note near the end. My absolute favorite. It was so cute, They finished the song. "Your voices are just like, angelic." I said. "Thanks." They all said in sync. we started to talk and talk more, turns out i had so much in common with all of them. 



we we're all just hanging out in the coffee shop talking. until she says to be quiet and listen to the music. Until I realized it was our song They dont know about us. "T-thats our song... THATS OUR SONG LADS!!!" Liam screamed out. Oh my gosh. that was our first song on the radio. we all started screaming in joy. Then we started to sing along with the song. We we're all singing to Ashley. She was blushing and smiling alot. Her smile just kills me. It was so perfect, she was perfect. I love her, but i think she doesn't feel the same back. If i only knew. I'm not gonna tell her, it might even ruin our relationship. I would never want that to happen. The song ended and we just started talking. mostly because our song was on the radio. While we were talking, I held Ashleys hand under the table. She hesitated at once to look down and check  who the hand belonged to, she looked at me and smiled. We intertwined our fingers. We stopped talking a bit and just rest. Then I heard her humming the tune of They dont know about us. "The songs catchy, isn't it?" I laughed. "Yep, really catchy." She said smiling. Again, that smile just kills me inside. Then she just started singing my solo. "Sorry, I just really love your solo's Harry." She said nervously. "Don't worry, your a really good singer." I said. "Yeah, it's true. You've got so much passion into your singing." Liam complimented. "Thanks guys." She saiid. She started singing again. we joined with her. To be honest, we sounded great. Zayn wanted to see if Ashley could hit his note near the end. "Uhmm i'll try i guess" She said nervously. Louis started to sing his part then Niall's then she started Zayn solo. She did it perfectly. Then we followed by the chorus. She did Zayns notes. We finished singing it. People near us clapped for us, they heard us. Some other people clapped when Ashley did Zayns note. "Wow." I said, "Its really nice to sing with you!" Niall said. "Yeah your really good. and when you it Zayn's note, you did it perfectly." I said. "Thanks so much." She said kiissing my cheek. "You guys are really easy to sing with!" She exclaimed. "we should talk to Paul about that, maybe you could do a duet with us." Liam said. "Yeah i'd love too, but im not famous' She said sadly. "That's why we'll talk to Paul." Niall said. She smiled in a Thank you way. "C'mon Lads, its getting late. Lets head back." Louis said. we got up and Walked back to the hotel. me and ashley walked together holding hands. Until it started to rain. we ran back to the hotel. 



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