Once loved, always loved

Hi, my names Ashley. I've got Brown, little bit wavy long hair with blonde tips at the bottom, and i'm 18 I was living with my mother peacefully until I found out that she got a new job as One directions new wardrobe stylist. i'm not that much of a fan to them but they are kinda cute. Will Ashley fall in love with one of the boys? or will the boys fall in love with one of her??


5. The rain kiss. well, almost.

We started walking back to our hotel when it started to rain, pouring rain. "Oh no!" I yelled. "we have to run!" Louis yelled. Ashley was about to run with the boys to the hotel. "wait!" I called to ashley. She stopped and looked back confused. "Harry! we need to get back! What are you doing there standing in the rain?" She asked. "I wanted to do this." 


We kissed in the rain.


At first, she hesitated, but then she kissed back. I felt so happy when she kissed back. "HEY! NO KISSING! WE NEED TO RUN BACK!" I heard Louis yell. As soon as we heard his voice, She let go a looked at Louis saying sorry. She looked at me and I smiled. I could tell she got a little embarrassed because she was blushing. We ran for a bit to catch up with the guys. We were only a few minuets near our hotel so me and Ashley were walking in the rain, holding hands. 'So, what was the kiss for?" She asked. "well, because that was on my bucket list." I said proudly. "Then why'd you kiss me? you could've kissed other girls while u two were walking in the rain." She asked curiously. "well, Erm. It just didn't feell right to kiss the other girls, their nothing compared to you. your so different, perfect different' I said. there was a long pause. "So you like me?" She asked softly. "yea." I said. 

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