Once loved, always loved

Hi, my names Ashley. I've got Brown, little bit wavy long hair with blonde tips at the bottom, and i'm 18 I was living with my mother peacefully until I found out that she got a new job as One directions new wardrobe stylist. i'm not that much of a fan to them but they are kinda cute. Will Ashley fall in love with one of the boys? or will the boys fall in love with one of her??


2. Lets get packing!

I actually really didn't like anyone else either than me touching my stuff, but since they we're here to help, I let them. I was going through my washroom grabbing all my things, until someone walked in. "Oh no, you don't need those." the voice said. I turned to the door and saw Harry leaning on the door's opening, with his arms crossed. "Yes i do!" i protested. "You look beautiful just the way you are." He said smiling. "Aww, Harry. Thank you." I thanked him and gave the cheeky boy a kiss on the cheek. He left the bathroom. I secretly got my makeup with out telling him. I just hope he doesn't find out. I closed my makeup pouch headed to my room. When i got inside i saw Zayn, Liam, Louis and Niall playing with my stuffed toy having a toy fight.I laughed at how silly they looked. "Guys!" i yelled. It became quiet. "Put those down please." I commanded. they all put down my stuffed toys and just stood there. "good." i said with pleasure. I could hear Harry chuckling in the background quietly. I picked up my toys and put them back on my shelf where they belong. But then i realized that all they wanted to do is have fun. I know how hard their job is and maybe they just wanted some fun and just play around. So i quickly took my stuffed elephant and chucked it as Louis's back. He turned around in surprise. "You did not just do that sister." He said. I giggled at his tone of voice, it sounded so sassy. "You did not just hit, the sassmasta from doncasta!" he came charging at me. he picked me up like a fire fighter and set me on my bed. he tickled me till i cried and begged for mercy. he stopped tickling my ticklish body. "don't mess with me." he said laughing snapping his fingers in a "z" formation. I stopped for a while to finally catch my breath. Once I did, i continued packing. we packed my clothes and stuff i really need. They helped me with the bags and headed downstairs. "were done!" i called out. my mom came into the room where we went into. "oh good! we'll be leaving with them, Paul said that they need me right away." She said. we went out and loaded the van with the luggage's. I sat in the back in between Harry and Zayn. Zayn was asleep so I talked to Harry. Turns out Harry is really sweet, funny, talented and really cute. The ride was about 2 hours. I got really sleepy on the car. In a few minuets i dozed off  with my head on Harry's shoulder. 

Harry's Pov

She slept so peacefully on my shoulder, we got to know each other on during the first couple minuets before she dozed off. Her head was moving down, so I let her sleep on my lap. She was so cute when she was sleeping. The van stopped, I guess we're here. Everyone was awake, but not Kelly. They all went out and I told them i'd meet them inside, I didn't want to wake up Kelly so I stayed with her inside the van. Few minuets later she woke up with a confused look on her face. "Did you get a nice sleep love?" i asked smiling. "Yeah but, where is everybody?" She asked looking around in the van finding no one there beside me and her. "We arrived here a few minuets ago, you looked like you needed a few more minuets to sleep, so I stayed here with you. Plus i couldn't move, since you head was on my lap." I explained. "Oh my gosh! i'm so sorry! i didn't mean to sl-" "Don't worry love, you looked cute when you we're sleeping." I said with a smile. She blushed. "Now come on, lets get out and meet them in the room." I said opening the van door for her. We walked to the room and met the lads there. I'm guess Ashley's mom is with Paul talking about some things. So we all started to hang out and get  the other boys to get to know her better.

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