Once loved, always loved

Hi, my names Ashley. I've got Brown, little bit wavy long hair with blonde tips at the bottom, and i'm 18 I was living with my mother peacefully until I found out that she got a new job as One directions new wardrobe stylist. i'm not that much of a fan to them but they are kinda cute. Will Ashley fall in love with one of the boys? or will the boys fall in love with one of her??


1. Is it true?

"Ashley! sweetie? come down too see my new clients!" My mom said while i was upstairs in my bedroom watching YouTube videos on how to do my nail. Yes, i'm a girl, i do my nails. "Just a minuet!" i called. i closed all the nail polish bottles paused the video and headed downstairs. i made my way down the brown wooded stairs. i stopped at the bottom of stairs because I couldn't believe what I just saw. I saw 5 boys on my couch waiting for me to come down. i felt embarrassed because I was still in my sponge bob pajamas, with my hair in a messy bun. Today was a lazy day, so i didn't bother changing or taking a shower. That is, until i knew that the boys from One Direction we're coming over! "Oh! Ashley dear, meet Harry, Niall, Liam, Louis and Zayn. "Hello" they said. Hearing their voices in reality really surprised me. they aren't how i expected it. Their voices we're more deeper and quite sexy. "Hi." I said with a warm welcoming smile. "Ashley dear, you are coming with me to live with the boys. We will also be on tour with them." My mom said. "Yes indeed, your mother is our new wardrobe stylist." Liam said proudly. "our other one quit.' Niall said. "Oh.. i'm sorry." I said. "Oh love, its not your fault. it's alright. Your mother is our new stylist." Harry said smiling revealing his dimples. Oh god. his dimples just kill me inside. "So, now i think you should get packing." My mom said. "what?! why didn't you tell me earlier!? this'll take forever!" i said whining. "Don't worry dear, maybe the boys could help you?" she asked. "yeah sure. we've got time." Liam said checking his watch. "great! lets go!" i said bringing them upstairs into my bedroom. 


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