Once loved, always loved

Hi, my names Ashley. I've got Brown, little bit wavy long hair with blonde tips at the bottom, and i'm 18 I was living with my mother peacefully until I found out that she got a new job as One directions new wardrobe stylist. i'm not that much of a fan to them but they are kinda cute. Will Ashley fall in love with one of the boys? or will the boys fall in love with one of her??


3. Hanging out?

Niall's Pov

Harry and Ashley finally came up. we all started to hang out and got to know Ashley way more better. "So Ashley, lets play a game. each of us will ask you 2 questions each and you have to answer them equally." Louis said. "Sounds fun" she said with a smile. "Me first!" Liam said. "Okay, Uh question number 1.. Whats your favorite Toy story character? Number 2, whats your favorite song from our album Take me Home?" Liam asked curiously. "well, I love Andy; And my favorite song would be... Kiss You." She said with a smile. "good answers.' Liam said satisfied. "My turn!" Lou said. "Okay, Number 1 is, Do you like One Direction? Number 2, How old are you?" Louis asked. "Hmm.. Well at first I was a fan, but not like have an obsession like that; And im 18" She said sweetly. "My tuurrn!" Zayn said. "Number 1, Do have any tattoos? Number 2, Who's your favorite member from One Direction?" Zayn asked. "oh gosh.. thats hard.' Ashley said. She thought about it for a while. "Well, I do have 1 tattoo.-" "Really? Show us?!" Liam said excitedly. "No.. its to embarrassing..." She said shyly. "C'mon, i cannt be that bad.." Harry said. "Yeah! Please! just show us!" Louis said. "Oh alright." She said. "its on my wrist." She said pulling up her sweater sleeve. It was all our names printed on her wrist. We all couldn't stop staring. "I told you it was embarrassing!!' she said covering her sleeve. "No no no! it looks amazing! its printed perfectly!" Harry said. "Yeah, we all agree." Liam said. "Thanks." She blushed and smiled. "Now! answer my other question!" Zayn said. "Oh right! Uhh.. well.. I don't really knwo my favorite.. i just like met you all. So.. Shouldn't that be fair?" She asked. "yeah that is kinda fair." i said. "well anyways.. Its my turn!" I said. Number 1, Do you like Nandos? Number 2 whats your favorite color?" I asked. "I love nandos! And.. this is kinda girly but, my favorite color is pink." She said. "Okay i'm last." Harry said. "Number 1 Do you Like Me? Number 2 What song is better? Heart Attack, or C'mon C'mon?" Harry asked. She blushed and smiled at the ground. "Yes, i do like u Harry, and I actually think C'mon C'mon is better." She said. "You like me?" Harry mumbled. He said it quietly under is breath so that no one hard, but i was beside him and i happened to hear him. I could see Harry smiling and a little bit blushing. "Can we watch a movie? " I asked. "No! we've been sitting on our butts for like 2 hours, don't you think we should do something more active?" Zayn stated. "How about go for a walk?" Ashley asked. "Yeah, i like that idea.. Lets go for a walk." Harry said. "Grab your coats lads, its cold outside" Liam said. 

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