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Fanfics of different books I like to read~~!!! :)

NOTE: IN THE "GONE FANFIC - end of PART 2 and some of PART 3", THERE ARE MENTIONS OF BLOOD AND OTHER PRETTY VIOLENT (eg. kicking and punching) THINGS THAT SOME WOULD NOT LIKE TO READ. SO I AM WARNING YOU, READ AT YOUR OWN DISCRETION!!! I have to mention these kind of things so that it is still in the 'style' and genre of Michael Grant's books. Though for me, what I have put in the fanfics are not that serious and disgusting. so ya :)


2. Closer ~ a GONE fanfic

----------AUTHOR'S NOTE----------

Before you start reading this, I have to tell you that I have not finished reading Fear. As a matter of fact, I haven't even read the part where Jack gets hurt. It's just that I like to search what happens in the book - that just me XD - so I know Jack gets hurt. So if I get any minor ~ or major ~ information wrong, I'm sorry.



"Jack!" heart was pounding in her chest with super human speed and her legs were moving so fast that no one would be able to see her. She rushed into the town 'hospital' (which was actually Clifftop-Resort-turned-hospital) and skidded into a halt infort of Dahra Baidoo, the doctor of the house.


"Where is he? Where is Jack?" Brianna asked panting not because of the running, but of the loss of breath in fear that she would not be able to see Jack...before it would be too late.


"It's ok, Brianna, he's fine right now. Lana healed him," Dahra replied gently, placing a comforting hand on Brianna's tense shoulder, "Jack's in bed, unconscious and asleep. Room 105. I-" but before she could say any more, the Breeze was already on her way to see Jack.


Brianna sprinted up the stairs - the elevator was too slow for her - and found herself in a long, dull corridor with doors equally spaced out on either wall and one the was on the far side of the hallway. Room 105. She started a normal human-speed walk towards the other side, slowly pacing herself, not going too fast, because she was too scared of what she might see. Scared that it was too late.


Why didn't I tell him earlier, when he wasn't fighting for his life? she thought to herself. Why didn't I tell him that I like him? Now, it may be too late. Damn him, Drake Merwin!


But as she kept walking, she realised that she was not getting any closer to the door. If anything, she was getting farther away. Brianna stopped and looked back. The elevator was no longer there, just the extended hallway with more doors. It was as if she was stuck right in the middle of a long tube with no way to either side. She reached out to the wall to her right that was meant to be a arms length away, but she didn't seem to be able to touched it.


"What the..." her hand retracted and Brianna stared bewildered at the dull wall. Even the other wall seemed further away. Her brain scrambled to try to explain this unexpected and incomprehensible situation. Penny? No, she would have to be here, she would have to be able to see me. And all the doors were closed, so there was no way she would be hiding in there. So who?


"Hello, Brianna. Miss me?" She twisted round and there he was, with his usual smirk on his face and whip freely swaying next to him.


"Drake," Brianna gasped, slowly drawing back and away for him, "oh my..."


He stepped closer and purred, "we're gonna have a lot of fun..."

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