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NOTE: IN THE "GONE FANFIC - end of PART 2 and some of PART 3", THERE ARE MENTIONS OF BLOOD AND OTHER PRETTY VIOLENT (eg. kicking and punching) THINGS THAT SOME WOULD NOT LIKE TO READ. SO I AM WARNING YOU, READ AT YOUR OWN DISCRETION!!! I have to mention these kind of things so that it is still in the 'style' and genre of Michael Grant's books. Though for me, what I have put in the fanfics are not that serious and disgusting. so ya :)


4. Closer ~ a GONE fanfic - Part 3


----------AUTHOR'S NOTE----------

Before you start reading this, I have to tell you that I have not finished reading Fear. As a matter of fact, I haven't even read the part where Jack gets hurt. It's just that I like to search what happens in the book - that just me XD - so I know Jack got hurt. So if I get any minor ~ or major ~ information wrong, I'm sorry.



His upper body shot up and his eyes flew open, "BRIANNA!" His face was cold and damp, and his breaths were quick and shallow. His hand connected to a pair of glasses and lead it to his eyes.


Jack found himself on a rather warm, comfortable bed in a beige, family room of the Clifftop hospital-resort, with a carpeted floor. There was a Sony Bravia 40" flat-screen TV mounted on the wall infront of him and a ceiling-to-floor sliding window to his right which showed the illusion of the golden sun setting on the horizon with the sea shimmering and glinting. He also saw the grey border of the FAYZ, reminding him where he really was. Reminding him that the real nightmare wasn't over. The FAYZ; the Fallout Alley Youth Zone.


A girl was sitting on a low chair next to his bed resting her upper body on the edge of his bed, faced down with her arms crossed over her head, as if protecting it from something. Jack recognised this girl. She had the same brown hair tied into pig tails and the same purple top as the girl in his dream.


Was it a dream?


The girl next to him didn't look too good; she had bruises and blood on her arms and her hair was frizzy. She really did look like the girl in his dream...


"Oh my God! Brianna!" Jack exclaimed with relief. He reached out to her, grabbing her hand and placing it between his, "Brianna, are you OK? Oh no! It wasn't a dream! But how did you defeat him? How did you defeat Drake?"


She began to move her arms and slowly lifted her head to look at Jack, then said in a slow manner, "Jack, is that you? Is it you, Jack?"


"What the...?!?!" he gasped, his heart skipped a beat, shocked and horrified at what he was seeing infront of him, retracting his shaking hand from Brianna's, "OH MY GOD BRIANNA! WHAT DID HE DO TO YOU!?!?"


What he saw were empty eye sockets crying out a rapid flow of fresh, crimson blood down her blood-caked cheeks on the face of what looked like Brianna. But instinctively Jack knew this wasn't her. Nonetheless, he felt a hollow hole in his chest, a sense of depression and sadness that came out of nowhere. Why? Because it was like that moment was the last that he would be able to see Brianna alive. The last that he would see her pretty face and feel satisfied. He liked her; maybe even loved her. And yet, he had said nothing. Nothing to indicate his adoration for her. Why? Because he was afraid of rejection. Why? Because he didn't want to be away from her, that if she didn't feel the same way, she would ignore and avoid him. He didn't want that. Why?


Because Jack loved Brianna.


He was sure of that now. No. More than that. Jack was certain of it. Jack was certain that he loved her. Jack loved her. He grinned, letting that big fact settle in his mind. Never had he ever felt like how he did now; love for someone. Not even for Diana. Now, he was determined to care and protect her, no matter the cost, no matter the way he would do it. 


"Where is Brianna?" Jack asked the ghoulish vision of her, "where?"


"Is that you, Jack?" gradually, her beaten arm raised and pointed towards the wooden door. The door that lead to the corridor where Brianna and Drake fought. Or maybe, they were still there, still fighting. Suddenly, the tip of the pointing finger of ghoulish-Brianna started to disintegrate, slowly like little insects were biting and eating it off. The vanishing of the finger began to crawl and climb up, and worked it's way on the rest of her hand and next her arm, then the body, the neck and the rest of her, until only her face was left, disappearing bit by bit. 


Whispers were coming out of her mouth and all around, soft but clear, "save me, Jack. Come and save me. Please," and the last particle was gone. In my arms was the empty air and the memory of her words.


"Save me, Jack. Come and save me," that was what she had said, "please." She was desperate, she need him. 

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