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NOTE: IN THE "GONE FANFIC - end of PART 2 and some of PART 3", THERE ARE MENTIONS OF BLOOD AND OTHER PRETTY VIOLENT (eg. kicking and punching) THINGS THAT SOME WOULD NOT LIKE TO READ. SO I AM WARNING YOU, READ AT YOUR OWN DISCRETION!!! I have to mention these kind of things so that it is still in the 'style' and genre of Michael Grant's books. Though for me, what I have put in the fanfics are not that serious and disgusting. so ya :)


3. Closer ~ a GONE fanfic - Part 2


----------AUTHOR'S NOTE----------

Before you start reading this, I have to tell you that I have not finished reading Fear. As a matter of fact, I haven't even read the part where Jack gets hurt. It's just that I like to search what happens in the book - that just me XD - so I know Jack got hurt. So if I get any minor ~ or major ~ information wrong, I'm sorry.


He was dreaming. Dreaming about a girl, with beautiful, brown hair, alone in a grey, dull corridor, walking towards him. This picture seemed weird to him, the girl wouldn't be walking in that pace, it just wasn't her. Her hair was tied into her usual pig tails and was wearing her usual trainers. To Jack's eyes, she was the most stunning girl he had ever seen, even more than Diana, and that was saying a lot. Every girl he met would be just plain annoying to him and his nerdy, geeky mind, but not Brianna. She was fast, brave, cute, funny and what he liked the most was that she was kind and protective of her friends. 


Then in a blink of an eye, a figure appeared behind her. There stood a tall, lean boy with a red tentacle for his arm. There stood his worst nightmare. There stood Drake Merwin.


"BRIANNA!" Jack tried to yell, but not a single sound came out of his mouth, nonetheless, he tried again, "BRIANNA!" but she did not steer. He tried to move his feet, but it was no use. Jack just stood there, helpless as ever like a doll. Staring weakly at Brianna, he started to think of a plan. Suddenly, it didn't feel like a dream anymore, it was a living nightmare. Ready to kick him towards his worst fear and send it to reality to haunt him.


Come on, Jack, he thought to himself. If your body is no use, you have your mind. I may be a nerd, a computer geek, but I know I can help her! Think of something!




"Hello, Brianna. Miss me?" the voice was Drake Merwin's...but it wasn't what Jack was used to hearing. There was a dreamy touch to it, with a bit of smoothness. Definitely NOT the Drake Merwin everyone came to know. At this, Brianna turned around. Her eyes widened, shocked and dismayed at the sight she had come to face.


"Drake," Brianna whispered as she slowly backed up. She, too, had a dreamy sense in her voice, and an expression of fear was written all over her face, "oh my..."


Jack could see Brianna's breaths quicken to an inhuman speed as Drake came closer and closer, and purred, "we're going to have a lot of fun..."


"Brianna!" Jack shouted uselessly at her, "run!" Then Drake's whip lashed out.




She fizzed out before he could get to her. Brianna appeared again farther away from Drake, but still in the middle of the corridor, as if she stretched the hallway every time she moved around. This time her face did not show fear, there was a sneaky smirk on her face and a glint of confidence and anger in her eyes. All her fright was washed away, replaced with pure pumped adrenalin.


"Ok, Drake, gimme the best you've got!" she mocked, beckoning him to come. She disappeared once again, and the corridor began to stretch further out, leaving Drake to be baffled and mystified with his eyes shooting here and there, trying to locate Swift Girl.


"You can't hide from me forever, Brianna," he remarked while continuing to look around, "you'll grow tired. And when you do, I'm gonna whip all your pathetic skin off of you. Then, I'll end your pointless little life. Let's see how Jack will find that when I pay him a visit!"


For a while, he became silent and stood upright. Brianna watched him, unaware of his plan, and ran around and changing the shape of the ever growing room that once was a long, dull corridor. Unexpectedly, a slithering tentacle shot out towards Brianna and caught her on the leg.


"Got you!" he said triumphantly grinning at his success.


"Ah!" searing pain bursted in Brianna's leg as she fell face first on the hard, cold floor of the hospital. But she didn't waste anytime, she pulled on the Drake's whip flew to him with incredible speed, ending with a foot to the face of Drake Merwin. He fell unconscious on his broad back and his whip arm loosened it's immense grip on Brianna bruised and bloody leg. She got up, eyes stuck to the image of Whip Hands lying on the cold, hard ground.


"Trouble, aren't you," she said, then gave him 100 punches and 50 kicks all in 3 seconds, "that was for hurting Jack, you bastard," and when she was sure he wouldn't be moving for quite a while, she moved away towards Jack's door. She noticed that the large room was forming back into a long corridor and it was no longer changing as she walked.


There was an eerie silence in the air, a feeling that Brianna wanted to ignore but couldn't. A feeling that this wasn't over. Yet.


Brianna was brought to her knees by the blinding pain she felt earlier, but this time it was slash to her back and much, much more intense. Like a burning flame from hell just decided to start on her back. She couldn't help but scream the pain away. 


"I serve the Darkness. The gaiaphage! And I will continue serving him till the end. But I am not done just yet, you little brat!" Drake bellowed.


I'm sorry Jack, she thought, with a tear drop finding its way down her cheek, hoping he would hear her cry.



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