Double Trouble

Maddison and April are inseparable, in mores ways then one. there twins and no one can tell them apart. except for one person. Louis Tomlinson, the schools most popular and most meanest kid. What happens when fate brings him and one of the girls together?


2. New Year, New Classes

Maddison's POV

It's been four years since we met Louis Tomlinson, two since he started bulling April. I just don't understand why he bullies April but when ever I come around he just stops and walks away. Occasionally giving one last final kick or punch before he sulks off. I swear, one day im going to beat the shit out of that boys and then see whos laughing in the end. "Maddison! Mum says so hurry up. breakfast is getting cold." I hear April shout from downstairs. "Alright, be there in a minute." I shout back. I finish pinning back my brown curls and head downstairs. I am welcomed by the smell of bananas creps comming from the kitchen. Hmm yum. They are by far my favourite breakfast. I slid into the stool next to April and mum places a plate full of crep, banana and chocolate sauce in front of me. I take a huge bite out of my food and make funny noise's. I turn to hear April bitting back a laugh. "Wha-?" I ask, a mouth full of food. "Nothing, I just love watching you eat creps, its the only food you scarf down and make noises with. I think its cute." I groan at that. Cute is not my thing, and it's not Aprils either. But she does always look prettier then me even though were twins, so I guess she is considered the 'cuter' one out of the two of us, even with all the sport she does. I finish off my food and place my plate back in the sink, running upstairs to get my bag for school. it's the first day of the new semester. April and I are sixth form now and at our school thats part of another campus. So that mean a new layout to learn and new classes. I walk out of my room, doing one final check to see I have everything and leave. April and I walk to school since this campus is only down the road unlike the old one. It takes us about 8 minutes to get there. Aprils excited because this year, she is the captian of the football team at school and her basketball team leveled up so now their are playing against the seniors even though thee all a year or two younger then all of them. Everyone meets up at the hall so we just follow the people that look like they know where there going. Once we finally get there, not knowing how we did, I instintaly see Mikayla my best friend. I nudge April and she see's her too. We start walking over there when we bump into someone. "Oh, Sor-you know what, I not. I just wish you did fall and broke your neck." I pull April away from the dick and keep walking. We hear his voice over the crowd but I don't register what he says. Mikayla see's us as squeals, hugging us both so tight be can barely move, or breath. "Can you believe it! We're finally year 12's! Only two more years to go. Annddddd the lovely miss April here got captian of the football team. Good work missy. Just call me first if you ever do practise with the boys team, and make them do push up, without their shirts." she winks as April and she just blushes, making me laugh even harder. Another familar face pops up and I point him out to April. I see the smile on her face when she see's him. "I'll be back." she tells us walking over to Liam, Mikayla just brushes her off, not even noticing that she left. She is too busy checking out all the boys. A few minutes later April returns with Liam and we are asked to find a seat. The four of us sit down and a few of Liams friends come join us. Some students slipping in the back as the orrientation begins. "Welcome students." a lady with dark brown hair begins. I'm guessing she is the principal of this campus. "Welcome to a new school year. For those of you who don't know who I am my name is Mrs Jacobson, and I am the principal." Nailed it. Am I good or what? "So we do hope you enjoy it here for those who are new and study hard for these scores now count for your S.A.T scores. In a few minutes we will read out the class lists for the years 12's and could you please exit to you class with you teacher. This teacher will be your morning attendence teacher for the rest of the year. We ask that the Year 13's stay behind for a meeting of what will happen for you this year." she finished and shuffles with some papers. I zone out as she begins to call out the class lists. Students stand and head towards the back around us. Harry and Zayn, Liams friends that came to sit with us get up and head to the back. I guess they get to be in the same class. All the classes are gone and Mrs Jacobson tells us that all the remaining students are to head to the back with Mr Selfridge. I look up and see that April, Mikayla and Liam are all still with me. That's Awsome, so I guess where all in at least one class together. We leave our seats and walk to the back. Oh no. Shit, shit , shit, shit. Why did HE have to be in our class. Last year April had him for Maths and he would leave her alone. Always picking on her in class, what will he be like this year. Hopefully he has matures over summer break but I highly doubt that. I mean he is Louis Tomlinson and all, of course he hasn't. I feel April tense up beside be. I'm guessing that she just spotted Louis. I give her a resuaring smile and we walk out og the hall to our new classroom.

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