Double Trouble

Maddison and April are inseparable, in mores ways then one. there twins and no one can tell them apart. except for one person. Louis Tomlinson, the schools most popular and most meanest kid. What happens when fate brings him and one of the girls together?


1. Prologue

   "Get out of my way you worthless piece of shit!" His words echoed through my mind as he pushed me to the ground. Maybe he was right, I mean we are talking about THE Louis Tomlinson here! My thoughts were interrupted by him shouting at me "GO KILL YOURSELF! NO ONE LIKES YOU! YOUR JUST A WASTE OF SPACE!" I tried to hold back my tears but it was just to much. "Oh grow up!" He yelled while sending a painful kick to my side. I was there on the ground, tears slowly trickling down my cheeks, I was alone and helpless.

   "GET AWAY FROM HER!" I heard a familiar voice yelled. When I opened my eyes I saw my sister, Maddison standing over the now helpless looking Louis.  "Don't you EVER talk to her like that!" She spat at him, while he had a smirk on his face. She spun herself so that she was now facing me "April are you ok? What did that bastard do to you?" She asked with concern in her voice. I tried to speak but the words didn't want to leave my mouth, so instead I just pointed to my now very bruised side. "Come on lets go to first aid." She said, helping me get up.

   Once I got the all clear from nurse I headed towards my P.E class. I loved P.E it was practically my only escape from this hell. After the teacher called the roll we set off and started work. "Hey April!" A husky voice said from behind me. I let a small smile escape my lips before I turned around. "Hey Liam!" I replied trying to hide the bruise on my arm.

   I didn't think that we talked for that long but too soon the bell for recess went. "I guess I'll see you later.." He said smiling a little. "Yeah, see ya!" With that we went our separate ways... 

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