The perfect valentine

Harry is on your and isn't supposed to come home in three weeks and your upset because that means you won't get to spend valentines day with you. Later you find Harry at your front door!


1. Suprise!

It was Wednesday morning and you were really depressed because your boyfriend Harry was on tour in the U.S. and you really wanted to spend your first valentines day with him since you were his girlfriend. You made and ate breakfast took a shower and then cleaned the house to try and get your mind of Harry. When you were done cleaning you looked at the clock you groaned its only 3?! You yelled to no one. You decided to watch a couple movies to keep you busy. About half way through the second movie you fell into a deep sleep.

When you woke up you heard your phone beeping. First you looked at the clock ughhh 9 am on valentines day without Harry! You thought to yourself. Then You picked up your phone. It was a text from Harry.
Harry-morning beautiful! Hope you slept well! Happy valentines day! I wish I could be there with you. I miss you TONS! Xx
You-morning! I didn't sleep that we'll since the bed was half empty:( I wish you were here to:( I miss you!!!!! Xx
Harry-ill call you in a bit love I have to go to rehearsals. Love u! Xx
You- bye love you to! Xx
You put your phone down and took a shower then got dressed. You decided to make blueberry pancakes. In the middle of your meal the door bell rang. Great who could this be you thought. As soon as you opened the door you saw those dark messy curls you loved so much. You jumped on Harry and hugged him. He gave you a kiss and put you back on the ground. How did you get here?!?! You asked him. Paul let me come visit you for a couple days and plus I wouldn't miss valentines day with you for the world. Awwwww your so sweet Harry! You said and gave him a kiss on the cheek. You both ate breakfast and cuddled and caught up on everything that has happened over the three months he was gone. This was definitely the best valentines day ever!
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