give me love (harry styles fanfiction)

Ryder was good friends with harry styles before the x-factor
after he became famous they never stayed friends
one day Ryder bumps into him at starbucks
what will happen next? read this to find out


25. The Club part 1


I jumped on harry's back and rested my head on his shoulder.

"why are you breathing heavy" harry said chuckling

I pointed over to Louis that was running toward us.


We finally came home from the beach and we went to take showers.

I was the first one done so I got changed into my black leggings and burgundy sports bra.

I walked down stairs and turned on the telly.

"hey" said Emily while sitting next to me

"hi" I said smiling

"what do you want to do today?" I asked while sitting upside down

"hmmm I dunno" she replied while pouting

"how about......CLUBING!!" I said while flailing my arms

"YESS" she replied

"okay then clubbing it is" I said while crossing my arms


"sooooo me and Emily decided we go clubing today" I said while sitting on the arm of the sofa

"sure but what club are we going to?" asked Niall

"hmmm well my friend Alex has visited L.A a few times and she said the club AREA is a good one" I replied

"alright then it's settled we are going to AREA" said Louis


We all got dressed and headed out the door




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