give me love (harry styles fanfiction)

Ryder was good friends with harry styles before the x-factor
after he became famous they never stayed friends
one day Ryder bumps into him at starbucks
what will happen next? read this to find out


24. The Beach


We finally arrived at L.A and we are on our way to the beach house. we arrived at the house and ran all over the place looking for the best room.

"found one!!!" yelled Ryder from upstairs

I ran up the stairs and saw the room that Ryder picked out it was a lavender colored room with a bed that had dark plum colored sheets with flowers on it.

"you like it?" she asked walking out of the walk in closet

"yeah are we sharing?" I asked putting the suitcase on the bed

"yeah...well only if you want" she said

"we can share" I replied

"okay" she said

We walked down the stairs to find everybody on the couch watching telly.

"c'mon you guys lets do something fun!!! we didn't come here to watch telly!!!" screamed Ryder while jumping on the couch everyone was sitting on.

She fell on top of everyone and rolled off their laps and fell on the floor hitting her shin on the table.

"ow." Ryder said blankly while holding her shin

We all started laughing and Ryder just started pouting.

"can you guys stop laughing and get me ice?" asked Ryder with sass in her voice

"I will"" I said while walking into the kitchen and getting her ice

I walked back into the living room and gave her the ice.

"sooo what are we going to do today?" asked Ryder while lifting herself on the couch on with her elbows.

"well the beach is like the front yard so we could go to the beach" suggested Emily.

"you guys want to?" asked Niall while looking at everyone

We all nodded and headed upstairs to get ready.


I opened my suitcase and got my black strapless bikini. I walked into the walk in closet and changed into my bikini.

I walked into the bathroom and grabbed a towel then headed down stairs.

"are you guys ready?" I asked whie putting on my flip-flops.

They all nodded we all walked out of the front door and walked to the small door that was on the front porch.

I ran to the sand and put the towel on the ground then put the umbrella up.

All of the boys dropped their things on the ground and ran into the water.

"can you put tanning oil on my back?" asked Emily

I grabbed the bottle of oil  and put some on her back.

"can you do mine?" I asked she nodded and grabbed the tanning oil

"wait I only use sunscreen" I said while handing her the sunscreen.

"why?" she asked

"because I like staying pale" I replied

She just shrugged and started putting the sunscreen on my back. She finished and started sunbathing.

I sat down in the shade that the umbrella made and started reading a book.

While I was reading I felt the spot of shade I was sitting get larger. I looked to see a soaking wet Louis looking down at me I put my book on the ground and kept looking at him,

"may I help you?" I asked

He didn't reply he just threw me over his shoulder and started running towards the water he threw me in and fell to the ground laughing.

I got up and sat on the shore pouting with my arms crossed on my chest.

Louis finally stopped laughing and helped me up.

"I'm sorry" he said while hugging me

His back was facing the water and this was the perfect time to get revenge while we were hugging I pushed him into the water and started running towards harry.






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