give me love (harry styles fanfiction)

Ryder was good friends with harry styles before the x-factor
after he became famous they never stayed friends
one day Ryder bumps into him at starbucks
what will happen next? read this to find out


18. planing summer

Ryders P.O.V

We finished up boxing and then decided to go eat because Niall was 'starving'.

We all agreed on Nandos (man I miss real food) we got parking and took a seat in a booth in the corner.

"sooo what are all of you doing for summer?" I asked

"umm we haven't really planed anything" said liam while looking at all the boys while they were nodding


"some friends and I are planning to go fly out to California and spend the summer there I don't know if you guys want to come?" I asked while taking a sip of my water

"I'll go, but who these friends of yours?" asked harry

"oh well there names are Sydney,Sereen,andTaaleasha." I said

"okay do you guys wanna come?" asked Harry

"yeah" said all the boys

"sooo were will we be staying?" asked lou

"we all saved up money and rented a beach house in manhatan beach" I said

"okay cool" smiled niall

*authors note*

hellur little stars I'm so sorry I have not updated in a long time the reason is I had to do kitchen duty for a while :(.

Your probably wondering what I mean well the thing is I'm in school.

I'm in the marines I know crazy right! Well in three days I go back home and I CAN NOT WAIT.

I miss real food :( also your probably wondering how I said that I got in a fight at school well I did get in a fight with a girl that I share my room with.

Sooo yeah that all I have to say.

Well.....Keep shining:)-Ryder

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