give me love (harry styles fanfiction)

Ryder was good friends with harry styles before the x-factor
after he became famous they never stayed friends
one day Ryder bumps into him at starbucks
what will happen next? read this to find out


2. omg its you!!!

Ryders P.O.V

Ughhhh another day of boring old life. Today I guess I'm just going to starbucks and gonna chill there.

I looked in my closet to what I was going to wear. I found a cute white button up shirt an high waist shorts with my

pink converse to match my hair. I took a shower (best place to think)

and got myself all dried up. I put on my clothes and some accessories. For accessories I put on cross earings and a

mustache ring  to match my laces. I headed down stars and saw my parents eatin breakfast.

"hi mum hi dad"I said waving at both of them

"hi dear"said my mum

"do you want breakfast?"asked my mum while putting the dishes in the sink

'ummm no thanks I'm accually heading to starbucks"i  replied

"okay then"said my mum

I kissed both my parents on the cheek and the grabbed my phone and bag and headed out the door.

I walked to the garage and hopped on my motor cycle.

When I got off my motor cycle I say a rather familiar and attractive curly haired boy.

*authors note8

ahhhhh omg there gonna meet comment what you think about the book so far

I really like it when you guise comment


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