give me love (harry styles fanfiction)

Ryder was good friends with harry styles before the x-factor
after he became famous they never stayed friends
one day Ryder bumps into him at starbucks
what will happen next? read this to find out


16. *authors note*

*authors note*

ok my little stars I have girls for Louis,zayn,and niall.

ok so for lou I have chosen Sydney Stylinson.

for zayn  I have Sereen<3Zayn123.

and for niall I have Niallsbabe

Well that's all I still need one for Leeeeyummm!!! So I need some chick to comment for him.

I'm soooooo sorry for all of the people who did not win but you have a chance to be Liams girlfriend sonce again I'm sooooooooo sorry.

Well that's all for now.

Keep Shining - Ryder

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