Trying to be cool

Best Friends don't last forever! Delanie found that out when her bestfriend dissed her for a better crowd. SO popular and cool and she was just left back in the shadows waiting for him to come begging for her but it never happened. I HATE



IT WAS ZAYN! He was the one standing there. Oh hi Zayn Liam mentioned as i turned away. I was still mad when i saw him and i think he was mad at me when he saw me and Liam holding hands. I dropped his hand and went up to Zayn. I over reacted and im sorry i said in a sad voice.


" He gave me a hug and stroked my hair. "It was my fault! i was being so dumb". I could tell Liam was kinda jealous from my long hug with Zayn. I now had a rule. Zayn always comes before Liam.


"Why are you guys on the side of the road?" Zayn asked as he took my hand and rolled his eyes at Liam.  "I uhh was a sick cause i dont know" i said as i sighed.  Zayn still had bruises from when Ethen beat him up.


Well get in the car were leaving said Liam as he opened the drivers door and plopped down on the seat. I got in Liams car and drove to his house. Your not really gonna forgive him are you?


Liam said with anger in his eyes. Liam Whys it matter to you? He is my best friend and also why are you so angered about it i advised.


 Well im just saying it might not be a good idea your not his whole world Liam shouted while speeding up because we were on the highway. "Your just jealous arnt you?" i asked. AND STOP THE CAR!


"No Delanie im not stopping the car!" YES! i yelled at the top of my lungs. He pulled over and sighed. "Delanie im sorry for yelling i guess i did get a tid but jealous i just love hanging out with you so much and now you and Zayn will hang out" he admitted with a sad voice.


I leaned in and kissed him. "We can always hang out just ask". He smiled and started driving again but we were talking the whole ride home. It was a good day!







Sorry its kinda short

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