Trying to be cool

Best Friends don't last forever! Delanie found that out when her bestfriend dissed her for a better crowd. SO popular and cool and she was just left back in the shadows waiting for him to come begging for her but it never happened. I HATE


5. Crazy

Delanies P.O.V.

In the car it was pretty silent. My tears had stopped and Liam was focusing on the road. The radio volume was only on 2 but i could hear it a little.


I was leaning up against the car door thinking about Zayn. Well untill i heard the song Tik Tok. I turned the volume on 40 and it was blasting through the car.




I stopped there and laughed. Liam was laughing to. I swear that right now he was being a better friend then Zayn. You like this song?


Liam asked as he turned it down a little. HAHA yeah yes i do! i said opening the window for some air. I was being crazy. I dont know what came over me.


I started feeling sick. "OH GOD" I said holding my stomach. He pulled over and opened the door for me. I went outside and ran into the forest. Of course i puked.


I came back out to Liam crossing his arms while leaning on the car. "What were you drunk?" he asked like he was mad.


"Umm earlier today i uh drank a little but  it  wasnt alot!" i explained even though it was still bad.


"YOUR SO IMMATURE Your only in 10th grade. Your ony 15. he said like he was mad. Im turning 16 this year! and im not immature! i yelled as i stared him down.


Yes you are i dont drink and im 16 and turning 17 and im not even thinking about drinking! he claimed. I sighed. "Im sorry i usually dont drink!" i explained.


We were still on the side of the road. "I wanna go somewhere! i said with the craziness coming back to me. NO WERE getting back in the car!


he yelled as he opened the drivers door and sat down. "WHAT EVER" i shouted. I started walking down a hill. I knew exactly were i was and exactly were i was going.


COME BACK HERE! He yelled from the car with his british accent thinking i would listen.


Instead of looking back i kept walking and put up a piece sign i made with my fingers of course. I could hear him sigh and get out of the car.


He was running towards me pretty fast. I guess since your not gonna listen to me i have to stay with you he emphasized. I smiled and saw my location.


It was an abanded railroad track.. I stepped on it and stuck my hands and feet out so i was embracing the air. I used to do this all the time i said as i looked down the track.


"With Zayn?" he wondered as he stood on the side. "No i never told him about this just like he never told me about Samm!" i said as i laughed.


Liam started to walk like 10 feet away. I saw lights coming from down the track. They were getting closer and closer and the train was getting Louder.


I didnt move though. I just stood there for some reason in shock. Liam noticed and started running towards me. "GET OUT OF THE WAY" The engineer yelled.


Just as it was coming at me, Liam pushed me to the sides and we both fell on the ground.  ARE YOU CRAZY WHAT WERE YOU THINKING he yelled because he was mad.


Two dumb ideas in one day i thought. "Liam i thought i really did think that it was abanded i had no idea and.......i got inturrupted by him putting his finger on my mouth.


SHHH its fine he said as he helped me up. We just stood there looking at each other untill he started leaning in. I did to for no reason. I couldnt do this!


Zayn was my bestfriend but Liam was so nice. Before i knew it, he was kissing me. I pulled away and smiled. "We should get back to the car".


When we got back to the car, there was someone standing there. Someone i didnt expect. And they saw me and Liam holding hands.


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