Trying to be cool

Best Friends don't last forever! Delanie found that out when her bestfriend dissed her for a better crowd. SO popular and cool and she was just left back in the shadows waiting for him to come begging for her but it never happened. I HATE


2. A Strangers House

I was crying when i heard the song "Dont you worry child. I looked up at the door and heard someone answer the phone. I was still locked in though. Hey Mate where are you? I heard a voice say. It sounded familiar. I knew that voice anywhere! I pounded on the door and yelled HELP ME OUT! Zayn opened the door with his hand on his side with another guy.


I gave Zayn a huge hug and started crying tears of joy. I thought you were hurt i sobbed into his shoulder. IM fine im right here its ok he sputtered as he stroke my hair. SHH its ok. He looked up at me and smiled. Dinner at your house? I smiled and nodded as i looked over and saw someone whistling as he locked his eyes on mine. Whos that i asked with my british accent. We were all British here.


Oh this is Liam he is my friend and he is staying at my house so can he come? Zayn pleaded as he begged. Fine ill let him come so lets go. We took Liams car since there was no chance i was riding the bus when Ethen rode it. In the car the song "Born this way" came on. Me and Zayn always sang to that song in the car but i was a little shy. Zayn whispered Something to Liam.


I heard his words. He said take care of me when he was gone. Liam pulled into a grey house and Zayn got out. Zayn where are you going? i asked as i started getting out of the car. No sweets you stay with Liam he is safe dont worry i need to take care of some buisness he said kissing me on the forhead.


No i grabbed onto Zayn and wouldnt let him leave. He put his two hands on my cheeks and kissed me for real. You will see me again he murmured. I let go of him and sat down. Liam started driving off and i looked back at Zayn who was looking at me. What was happening here?


We pulled into a kinda small house and it was Liams. This is it he said as he opened up the back door of his car for me. I got out and looked at him. He had sunglasses on blocking his eyes but i knew he was starring me down. I looked down and noticed i was wearing really really tight jeans.


How do you wear those he asked walking into the house. No ones home they work till about 9 30 so yeah he mentioned as he walked in the kitchen and sat down on a little bench they had. Oh ok and i got used to wearing tight jeans even though my legs usually almost become numb i said laughing under my breathe. Ohhhh dude you look so un comfy he said with a surprised voice.


I have some sweatpants if that would work he said to me and he motioned me to sit down on the bench he was sitting on. Oh no i wouldnt wanna... i Got inturupted by him. Its no problem just uh come here he said as he guided me into a really messy room. Sorry its so Messy im not very clean said Liam as he grabbed a pair of grey sweatpants.


Just change in here i will be out in the living room watching tv he said as he closed the door, Wait Liam thanks i said under my breathe. He smiled and shut the door. I heard him outside the  door saying your welcome. I saw some inturesting things in his room that i had to check out. I dont know why i was doing this but i had to.


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