Trying to be cool

Best Friends don't last forever! Delanie found that out when her bestfriend dissed her for a better crowd. SO popular and cool and she was just left back in the shadows waiting for him to come begging for her but it never happened. I HATE


1. Ethen Camp

Just go say Hi to him! Zayn said pushing me towards the guy i liked.  Zayn do you approve i said stalling as i sat back down at our lunch table. Whats the BIG DEAL i approve and you like him go talk to him he said grabbing my hand bringing me up to Ethen Camps table with all the popular kids. Zayn was my bestest friend in the world. My name was Delanie Stolma. I went to West Chester View Highschool. I was in 10th grade and My bestfriend Zayn Malik was in 11th grade. All those people who say its weird to have a boy as your best friend clearly dont know what its like.  Ethen looked up at me with his blue eyes and blonde hair in his face. Hi How may i help you Zayn and pretty blonde girl he said smiling as he started starring us down. He was still holding my hand. Woah Zayn are you two dating he said as his gaze dropped to our hands. I dropped his hand and smiled.


"Oh no he is still just my bestfriend". I was totally controlled but inside i was screaming with joy. What he had said before! He said "Pretty blonde girl"! He laughed as he eyed a open seat as his table. Wanna sit Pretty blonde girl he said motioning to the seat next to him! She has a name! Said Zayn in a harsh voice trying to hide up that he didn't want him calling me Pretty Blonde Girl. Oh right Your names Delanie, Delanie Stolma. We have Science together. he mentioned  acting like he was annoyed of Zayn talking and just wanted me to sit down. There was only one seat open though. "What about Zayn"? I asked looking right into Ethens gorgeous Blue eyes. Hey Zayn dude mind letting her sit here? he explained how it would be good for me even though i had no idea what he was talking about.


 Zayn smiled a faint smile. Uh yeah thats fine go ahead Zayn whispered. He started strutting across the lunch room down to the table me and him were sitting at. I sat down smiling. There were other girls there who were laughing at a joke that made no sense at all. But they were all very welcoming. Girls girls stop babbling about nothing Ethen wailed as he looked at them with convincing eyes. Oh its fine i mean im used to uhh babbling i guess i stated while laughing. "Oh Wow Zayn is a weird guy!" Oh im not talking about Zayn i am talking about my annoying little sister who is in love with Zayn i revealed. Everyone giggled including me.


What was i supposed to do just stay there with a straight face. Ethen was getting up and started reaching for my hand. LETS GO SOMEWHERE he urged me. He might of been cute but one of the most random people i have ever met. I followed him but he just went into a corner. He leaned in and kissed me. WHAT WAS THAT FOR! I yelled as i punched him in the arm. To prove to my old girlfriend that i don't need her anymore. 


YOU STUPID JERK! i screamed and everyone looked my way including Zayn. He got up and came near me and Ethen. He saw everything and i could see the hurt in his eyes cause i kissed Ethen or he kissed me or WHATEVER but still he was hurt.  Ethen why would you he said with anger in his eyes. WHAT YA GONNA DO ABOUT IT TOUGH GUY Ethen said as he poked Zayns shoulder repeatedly. Zayn threw a punch at him but Ethen stopped his hand as he bent it back words behind Zayns back. STOP IT i yelled but the girls at the table where holding me back so i couldn't help him.


Ethen punched Zayn in the stomach as i saw my best friend fall to the ground in pain.  I felt tears falling down my face. The girls were taking me out of the lunch room and was heading for a closet. They pushed me in and locked it.  I pounded on the door yelling HELP HELP HELP but no one was there. I was really crying now. I just noticed that all through 7th and 8th grade Ethen bullied me. I totally forgot. He didnt have a reason but he just liked making people feel hurt. And now he got his group in it. How could i like him? That was also my first kiss.. Zayn knew i never kissed anyone and he wanted to be my first even though we were just best friends. That's why he was so hurt. 


Is it long enough?

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