Morgan leads a tough life. She's bullied. She doesnt talk to her parents. She has no one. When Niall starts sitting next to her in language arts, he tries to be nice to her. He falls for her even. Morgan is so insecure, that she doesnt even take his romantic advances into consideration. Will she fall for him, too?


3. Shy

       I nodded at him, and tried to walk off, but he grabbed my shoulder. "What's your name?" He said in an Irish accent. "M-morgan." I stuttered, looking at the ground and pulling my sleves over my hands. He again pulled up my head, and i fought to keep it down. "Stop." I said abruptly. He stepped back an inch, and his eyes widened. He then stepped back forward. "Im Niall." He said, smiling sheepishly.

       He reached out his hand, waiting to shake mine. I pulled my sleeves over my hand once again, and shook his hand. He over-did the shake, and smiled. I smiled back politely. I hadnt smiled in a long time. This wasnt a true smile, but it counts for me.

      "Morgan, whats your phone number? If you dont mind me asking..." He trailed off. I didnt know if I minded. Did i mind? No one had ever asked me for my phone number. "I-I...." I didnt know what to say. I shut my mouth, and tore off a piece of paper from my journal, and wrote it down. He smiled as I wrote my number and gave it to him. I flinched as he took it from my hand. I was going to regret this. That I knew. I sighed. My life cant get any worse then it is now, I guess... "Thank you." he smiled. I nodded, covered my hands, and walked off. This time, with my head up.

             When I got home, I immediately looked in the mirror. I put my hair over my shoulders, and just stared. I stared for five minutes. Six minutes. Seven. Just taking in my image. What other people saw. What Niall saw. What I saw. Niall thought i was beautiful. Beautiful. The word repeated in my head. Then i felt my phone buzz from my coat pocket.

        "Hi morgan x" It said. It was from a number I didnt know, so I figured it was Niall. I replied with "hello" and then recieved "Whats up?".

"Absolutely nothing"

"Me too"


'Yeah. Want to meet up?"

Did he just ask me to hang out? A popular kid? A boy? Somebody? What was I supposed to do? If he was tricking me.. Then I would humiliate myself. If he wasnt, he would probably think I was wierd, just like everyone else, after five minutes with me. I didnt know what to do. I sighed.


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