Morgan leads a tough life. She's bullied. She doesnt talk to her parents. She has no one. When Niall starts sitting next to her in language arts, he tries to be nice to her. He falls for her even. Morgan is so insecure, that she doesnt even take his romantic advances into consideration. Will she fall for him, too?


2. Bullied

         I dug my head into my pillow once again, not cryingm but thinking things over. What if he had thought I was beautiful? I could be beautiful, right? I didnt know. He sounded sincere? I started to imagine his face. His blonde hair, blue eyes. No wonder all of the girls like him... I shouldnt focus on some boy though. I needed to figure out who I was.

        I looked into my mirror, just staring at myself. Pale skin. Dark brown hair. Blue eyes. Deathly skinny. Why couldnt i be beautiful like everyone else? I dug my nails down my face, as a single tear fell down my cheek to the floor. I curled up on my bedroom floor, trying to make myself as little as I felt.

*Next morning*

               I woke twenty-five minutes before I had to go to school, like I usually did. My life was like a routine, nothing changed. I brushed my mess of wavy hair, and brushed my teeth. i never wore makeup. With five minutes to catch my bus, I threw my iPod, my headphones, and my journal into my book-bag. I walked outside, leaving earlier than I usually do. I sighed and waited in the cold. I got on the bus and headed to school, which went by fast.

           Around third period, the bullying started. Jessa, the mean girl, walked up to me with her crew trailing behind her. "Hey, Morgan!" she said with a sarcastic tone. Her possey snickered behind her. I stepped back as they cornered me. Jessa poked me hard in the stomach. "You really need a hamburger, dont you Hun? Or maybe a suntan!" She said with fake sweetness.

          "Go away." I whispered. "Tsk, tsk, tsk! Dont be that way sugar!" She then grabbed my shirt and pulled me, then pushed me against the wall. 'HEL...." Jessa put her hand over my mouth. I tried to scream but she wouldnt let me. Then, I saw the blonde boy that sits next to me in language arts push her away from me.

            "Hey Nially!" She smiled at him, trying to be cute. "Back off Jessa." he said harshly. He then grabbed me and pulled me out of the way, away from the scene. I saw Jessa and her friends fan themselves at the boy called Niall. I adjusted my backpack around my shoulders and wiped my eyes, looking down.

        "Thanks." I mumbled. He just nodded and stared at me in awe. "I dont know how you just take that from people." He said. "Im used to it." I sighed. "You should'nt be." He said, lifting up my chin. "Keep your head up, you look better that way." he said, smiling.


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