Morgan leads a tough life. She's bullied. She doesnt talk to her parents. She has no one. When Niall starts sitting next to her in language arts, he tries to be nice to her. He falls for her even. Morgan is so insecure, that she doesnt even take his romantic advances into consideration. Will she fall for him, too?


1. Insecurities

     I had just gotten home from yet another day of school. The same, every day. Why me? What had I done wrong? I sobbed into my pillow. I thought back about the insults that had been thrown at me. Maybe their right? Maybe I'm too skinny. Or too quiet. Or too pale. Or too ugly. I have no friends, no social life, nobody. I have a terrible relationship with my mum, and everyone at school thinks im wierd. Maybe they're right? I continued to cry into my pillow until I had no more tears to cry, and fell asleep.

        I woke up in the middle of the night, crying, like I usually did. But in the end, I did fall asleep, and woke up in the morning. I tried my hardest to fake illness, but my mum didnt buy it. I had to go to school, and try to stay intact.

*second period*

      We got new seats in language arts, and now I sit by one of the popular boys that everyone loved. I was jealous of him. I thought about how I never really liked anyone like that because of dealing with my mess of a life. I imaginarily shrugged it off, and pulled my sleeves over my hands hiding scars..

      The Irish boy that sat next to me studied me, and made me feel self conscious. He then ripped off a piece of notebook paper, and started writing on it. He then passed it to me.

            "You're really beautiful. I hope you know that" I read. I blushed a deep shade of pink, and threw the note out. He was lieing. He was trying to get into my head. Make me think things, then make fun of me in the long run. Everyone did. His eyes widened as i crumpled the note and threw it in the garbage.

        The bell rang and I got out of my seat, and scurried out of the class room. He caught up with me and walked by my side. "What was that about? I was just trying to be nice!" He frowned. "Just stop. I dont need you trying to make me feel better." I said harshly. I sighed. "I'm sorry... I guess i'm just..." I stopped mid sentance. "I dont know what I am." I sighed and hurried off.

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