Camping with the enemy

Every year Lexi goes camping with her family just her her younger brother and her parents but this year her family decided to bring along the neighbor and when her neighbor is Harry Styles the guy she hates ever since they were both little what will happen the whole summer. Will Lexi fall for him and have a good summer or will she continue to hate him and have a horrible summer. Find out here in Camping with the summer.


9. Chapter 8

Chapter 8  


When i woke up , Harry still had his arm around me but i felt someone on the other

side of me i turned around to see Alec sleeping


I got out  of the tent without the same thing that happened yesterday morning

I got outside t and see everyone (except Harry and Alec) dressed for the day and eating


" Lexi you are up would you like Breakfast dear" my mom said

"Yea sure, want me to get Alec and Harry"i said

"yes please" my mom said

I went in the tent and woke them up  and took them out side

                                                                                            --- After Breakfast --



'' Okay everyone today  we r going swimming '' my dad said

'' SO, kids go get changed grab your stuff and lets go ''

I got changed into -


                                                                                          -- Already swimming--

Alec was acting really weird since he woke up he has been looking at me like

he is really happy and Harry looked nervous about something, all the adults were sitting in a picnic table , harry walked up to them and talk about something then everyone got happy for some reason,i wonder what but i will ask later I turned away

 and I continued playing with Alec


                                                                                                  --Alec  P.O.V--


 I cannot believe what harry is going to do he is going to ask Lexi to be his Girlfriend

I got so happy cause he is a nice guy and i am happy for her


                                                                                     --Harry P.O.V--


I was gonna ask Lexi to be my Girlfriend

But first i wanted to ask her parents  if i could

i know i know its weird that i am doing that but Lexi

its worth it so when i asked he parents everyone got happy i even told

them when i am gonna ask her

When i told Alec i was gonna ask her he got so happy he accidentally called me 'Brother in-law '

when he tried to say sorry i just told him it was ok


                                                                                  -Night Time-

    Its time to ask her i was extremely nervous she was sitting next to Alec on a blanket just talking i walked up to them and

sat down next to Alec he looked at me and just and left

i scooted next to Lexi so we can be closer

H- '' hey, how you doing''

L- '' Good enjoying the night did u have fun today''

H- '' Yea i did ''

OK i am ready to ask her

L-'' Harry r u ok u seem a little nervous''

H-'' Actually to tell u the truth ii am , i want to ask u something ''

L-'' What is it''

H- Lexi i really like you and i was wondering if u would be my Girlfriend''



For those who dont want to know what Alec looks like, he looks like this



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