Camping with the enemy

Every year Lexi goes camping with her family just her her younger brother and her parents but this year her family decided to bring along the neighbor and when her neighbor is Harry Styles the guy she hates ever since they were both little what will happen the whole summer. Will Lexi fall for him and have a good summer or will she continue to hate him and have a horrible summer. Find out here in Camping with the summer.


8. Chapter 7

***Lexi's POV***

Harry: Lexi will my Girl-.....

But before he could ask me we were interrupted 

"Kids Breakfast is ready " Anne tells us

''I'll tell u later" Harry said We went to go sit on the picnic table to eat and Harry was about to sit with me till Alec

Had to come over and sit next to me i looked at him with a 'WTF' face he just responded by saying "Cant i sit next to my Favorite Sister" I could see by the look in Harry's face that he was sad the he could not sit with me ****



***** After Breakfast *****


We were still sitting at the table eating everyone talking Till my Dad stood u to say something

"OK so everyone we would be going on a nice Hike, But this is is good for the kids cause one we wont be going up and down the mountains and second because there are many beautiful animals,  We will be leaving when everyone is ready .....Oh  Lexi, Harry and Alec the restroom is over there so u guys can shower and change" ( A/N idk about other countries but here in the US we have bathroom in the woods) 





When i was getting out of the restroom i saw harry coming out fixing his hair, i have to admit he looked attractive

My Outfit:



We have been walking for about a couple hours its starting to get dark

I have been talking to Harry and Alec the whole time and its so weird how its not awkard to talk to harry after what happened in the morning.

We got to campsite and we all decided to have a bonfire we all changed into our PJ's  so we can be comfertable

My PJ's:


I grabed my Camera so i can take pics before I went to sit down next to Harry to talk to him

H- Hey

Me- Hey did u enjoy yourself today

H- Yea what was your favorite part of today 

Me-  When we saw all the animals and also when the deer were running and almost ran into Alec then he screamed like a girl what was yours 

H- Getting to talk to you  and be next to you

He gave me a smile

"Okay kids lets eating smores"

We all ate like 5 smores each who knew if u eat 5 u can get full

I decided to go to sleep since it was late and really cold

"I am going to bed Goodnight" i told them and went to the text and fell asleep  then i felt arms around my waist i turned around

 and Harry was there sleeping i cuddled next to him fell asleep



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