Camping with the enemy

Every year Lexi goes camping with her family just her her younger brother and her parents but this year her family decided to bring along the neighbor and when her neighbor is Harry Styles the guy she hates ever since they were both little what will happen the whole summer. Will Lexi fall for him and have a good summer or will she continue to hate him and have a horrible summer. Find out here in Camping with the summer.


5. Chapter 5

Chapter 5



''you want me to do what !'' Alec said '' I want you to pretend that u r scared of the dark and want to sleep in my tent tonight'' i said whispering so that no one can hear us talking in the woods, everyone thinks that i went for a walk "why do you want me to sleep in the tent with you , you don't even lets me enter your room''  '' please it because you know i cant stand harry and i don't want to be alone with him, please just pretend''   i said to my brother

'' only id you pay me $40'' he said with a smile on his face

'' Hell no u get  $5 '' i said

''  fine then $30'' he said

 '' $20 and i help you with your homework'' i said

'' $25 and you do my homework '' he said

'' Fine '' we shook hands and he said '' i would have done it for $5 ''  he smiled and i played around with him by twisting his hand '' ow ow ow you r hurting me!'' he said

I let go of his hand and walked away  leaving him on the ground holding his hand


--(Harry's POV)--

I heard the whole conversation between Lex and Alec. i cant believe she payed her brother to do that  i saw her walk away and saw my chance to ruin her little plan and i took it .

I walked over to Alec and stretched my hand out so he can stand up '' thanks '' he said '' hey you want to make an easy $40'' i told him '' what how, what do i have to do'' he said '' nothing big just don't do what  your sister says and let her be in the tent with me'' i said '' Why ,do you like her or what'' he said , i never thought of that do i like her i mean she is pretty hot and she hasn't took off my jacket since i let he borrow it  and when we almost kissed i enjoyed it even though we really didn't kiss but i don't know if i like her '' No i..i...I don't think i like her'' he looked at me with a weird look on his face '' its ok dude i don t mind , i do it for u '' he said '' thanks dude '' i finished our conversation and went to go sit in front of the campfire next to Lex.


--(Lexi's POV)--


 I was sitting by the campfire just warming my self up because it was really  cold i looked at the layers of sweater i had on and noticed i still had his sweater on suddenly i felt  someone sit next to me '' hey can you come with me to get my car'' he said '' yea sure lets go'' he got up and when i got up i almost fell but harry caught me his hands were on my hips and my hands on his shoulder we went back to reality and we took our hands off of each other i looked around to see if someone saw but lucky us the only one who saw was Alec he just put two thumps up and went back to his phone 





We reached his car and he was about to open the door for me till he said something '' hey can i do something really fast '' he said '' yea what are u gonn-'' i was cut off by Harry's lips on mine he licked my bottom lip and i granted him access 

we were making out for about 1 min. till we came up for air '' What was that for '' i said '' um lets get back to the campsite ''




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