Camping with the enemy

Every year Lexi goes camping with her family just her her younger brother and her parents but this year her family decided to bring along the neighbor and when her neighbor is Harry Styles the guy she hates ever since they were both little what will happen the whole summer. Will Lexi fall for him and have a good summer or will she continue to hate him and have a horrible summer. Find out here in Camping with the summer.


4. Chapter 4

Chapter 4


Before our lips touched we heard a phone go off and it was mine i felt so embarrassed  i saw the called ID and it was my brother

'hello''i said

''hey why don't you stop kissing your boyfriend and come help me set up our tent '' he laughed

''how do you know that''

'' u see that waterfall...look to your left''

''Wha-'' i wasn't able to finish my sentence because he hung up

"who was that " harry said '' my brother he said ...." that is when i noticed what i was gonna say i am not gonna tell him that my brother saw us almost kiss i decided to skip that part '' said what?'' harry said "he said look at the waterfall then look to the left'' i turned my head to the waterfall then i looked left .

I could not believe what i saw it was both of  our families they were setting up camp on the other side of the lake. i looked at my brother and he was making kissing faces at us. i looked at harry we both blushed then we looked at the ground there was till an awkward silence till harry broke it '' why don't we get our stuff out of the car and walk to the campsite I'll come get it later'' i just nodded to embarrassed to say anything


we got to the campsite and everyone was doing something my mom was helping Harry's mom with the tent and my dad and Harry's step dad were making a fire and me and Alec (my brother) and harry were making our tent. My mom comes up to me and says the most shocking word i ever heard "  Me and Anne (Harry's mom) agreed that insted of harry sleeping with his parents he would join you and your brother will be with your father and I'' i put a fake smile on my face ''ok mom'' i was so mad i didn't not want to be in the same tent as harry i need to come up with a plan i saw Alec finishing the tent i that when i knew what my plan was.

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