Camping with the enemy

Every year Lexi goes camping with her family just her her younger brother and her parents but this year her family decided to bring along the neighbor and when her neighbor is Harry Styles the guy she hates ever since they were both little what will happen the whole summer. Will Lexi fall for him and have a good summer or will she continue to hate him and have a horrible summer. Find out here in Camping with the summer.


1. Chapter 1

~Chapter 1~

"Lex wake up" my mom shouted to me "No" i said as i cover my head with the pillow " You are gonna be late to school and you need to get ready " she said as she left my room i was so lazy to go to school i hate more because its almost summer and every year by this time me and my family go camping but this year my parents decided to go after the last day of school which is today so cant wait till school is over and go camping. I got up and put on some skinny jeans and a t-shirt with my sweater on top. i went down stairs to go eat breakfast. after i was headed for the door when i heard my mom scream something "Lexi wait i have to tell you something" i was wondering what she wanted to tell me so i went back to the kitchen and said " what did you what to tell me" i said " after school can you and harry styles walk home together because him and his family are coming with us on the camping trip ,isn't that fun" she said all happy and excited while i just stood there with a fake smile on my face and said " yea great " i made my way outside when the person i the guy i never expected sitting on my porch. He looked up from his phone and got up on his two feet. when i knew who it actually was it was Harry Styles the guy i hate the most.

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