Sweet Silence

This word has millions of meanings to me
The way I find peace, the way I see life with joy


2. Mistake

My brother stared at me with a tear in his eyes, as I ran, I ran and I was never coming back. I wish I hadnt made that mistake, the misake that costed everyone the're lives, but here I am now, with 15 pills in my hand, just like the 15 people who had lost there lives because of me. my suicide letter written in black ink laying there peacefully as I will in just a few moments, I can hear the sirens of the polise standing outside my house. The smile on my face as I know that all 15 people will be at rest as will i. I made a mistake.

So I am not a perfect angel, tell me who is?
Someone in Politics? Someone in Show biz?
Someone in school? Someone in your family?
Will whoever it is, I know it is not me
For never been able to do anything right
or Say anything no matter how hard I try
So perhaps it was not meant to be
for a Mum, step dad, half siblings to see
Or ever understand feel or care
For as long as I am alive, its not good or fair
for a victim at home, with constant headaches
her spoilt siblings dramas..I am the big mistake

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