I Just Can't

When Alexandra Alice Naiva, AKA Alyssa's brother; Danny Ace Naiva, gets tickets to One Direction, her life turns upside down. She starts out hating One Direction, but that soon changes and she finds herself falling for two of the boys.


2. Tickets

    My head felt like a battle field. I paced around the room, trying to calm the battle that was taking place in my stomach from the coffee I had from Starbucks earlier. Well, make that two cups of the stuff. My stomach didn't seem to agree with it. A soft groan escaped my lips. It wasn't one of those sexual groans like when I guy kisses your neck or anything like that, it was a sick groan. A sharp pain, like a knife seemed to be poking at the sides of my stomach, like a man wanting to get out before he was going to lose his life. Truly, I wished somehow I could help that poor man. My stomach continued to churn, making me feel worse. For a second, I stopped pacing and then froze. The house seemed so quiet. With Danny out and all. Probably hitting on some guys. But right now, I didn't give a shit. I needed to lay down. My eyes scanned the room and I slowly went back to pacing frantically. It felt like someone had attached metal shekels to my feet. Giving up, I went over to my sky blue couch and sat down.

    The battle continued on and on. It seemed like I had sat their for hours on end, while my body tried to make peace with each other. I tossed and turned on the small couch that had been moved up against the left wall, almost next to the TV. Reaching for the remote on the brown coffee table, I grabbed it and turned to face the TV. I pressed the power button and the TV slowly turned on for me. I had been watching the TV for a about twenty minuets when I heard a knock at the door. Groaning, I lifted my head and softly moaned towards the door,

"Come in." They took no time to think about the though. I heard the door open then slam. Ugh, Danny. I thought. Walking over to me, he soon towered over me. A creepy grin crawled up on his face like a spider does, reveling his perfect, white teeth. I clutched the TV remote. The grin slowly faded and turned into a frown as soon as he saw I wasn't going to give it up. Lifting my hand up, I made a 'move out of the way' motion. Instead, he came closer and reached for the remote. I held it to my chest, but he still went for the bait, like a shark does. Once he got hold of the bait, he pulled it away and held it in his hands. He teasingly mouthed the word; 'thanks' to me and sat down at the other end of the couch. I groaned, knowing he was going to put on a TV show that involved One Direction. My thought came true. Sighing, my olive eyes scanned the carpet  floor, which seemed to stretch for miles on end. Finally, I found a sky blue blanket an pulled it over my head. By now I was shivering.

     As soon as I could hear the sound of the TV, I turned around, facing the couch. I breathed slowly, to only have my breath bounce back into my face. Sighing, I started to listen to the TV. It said something about a guy named Harry Styles, probably from the band, One Direction broke up with Taylor Swift. All of a sudden Danny shot up in the air, pumping his fits in the air.

"That's my boy!" He yelled at the top of his lungs. I knew he had a thing for Harry, so I let him have his fun and grabbed my blanket and went up to my room. My feet fumbled along the stairs that lifted me up to my room. I soon reached the top and started down the hall towards my bedroom. Reaching out my hand, I was about to open the door and enter my room when I heard a click from downstairs. Sighing, I knew dad was home and went down the stairs. At the end of the flight, I was greeted by my dad.

"Hey." I softly murmured, walking towards him. He opened his arms wide. I stood still, looking at him from top to bottom. He had on his black suit. Truly, it felt like someone had died and he just paid them their respects. Giving in, I went over and hugged him. I relaxed and little. Danny made a 'aw' and I shot a death glance his way. My dad noticed what was going on. I knew he noticed, but I still continued my glare. After a moment of silence, my dad butted in. He dipped his hand into his pocket and took out four tickets. Staring at them, I finally figured out what they where. Gasping, he took noticed and looked over at Danny and began speaking.

"One Direction tickets and backstage passes." He said smiling. Danny's eyes lit up with joy and ran over to dad and grabbed the tickets and passes. He seemed fixated by their spell that their where casting on him. Looking back at dad, he thanked him and turned back, looking at the tickets in awe.

 "B-b-but." I stuttered, not being able to find the words I where looking for. But dad seemed to know what I was trying to say.

"Your mom and I are going out tonight and we wanted you two to do something fun." He said, throwing a smile my way. With that he left me and a crazed fanboy who was still looking at the tickets in awe. I shook my head and just stood there, thinking, all sorts of things.

Author's Note;

Hey guys. I'm glad you're reading this. <3 I'll add another chapter soon.

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