I Just Can't

When Alexandra Alice Naiva, AKA Alyssa's brother; Danny Ace Naiva, gets tickets to One Direction, her life turns upside down. She starts out hating One Direction, but that soon changes and she finds herself falling for two of the boys.


3. Signing

    I just stood there for a moment, like a rock. Freely, the cool air coming from the AC hit me like a thousand knifes at once, but I didn't budge. For once, I didn't want to. I was in control of myself, nothing else was.The blanket flapped in the breeze that came from the cold AC air. For a moment, just a moment, I stood there like that. Peaceful, calm. I closed my eyes until Danny yelled at me to get ready. My eyes fluttered open like a butterfly's wings do  on a summer night, getting ready to soar the endless, beautiful sky barrier.

   Shuffling my feet, I began moving upstairs. Danny went ahead of me and ways yelling something about the concert being at 5:30pm. I'm not sure, since I had zoned out and was walking like a zombie up the flight of stairs. My feet still felt like their where being held prisoner by the metal shackles. I had just reached the top of the stairs before I went to my bedroom. Grabbing the handle, I turn the knob slowly and enter my room. Turning around, I walk into my room and shut the door behind me. I'm greeted by the same old bedroom I had just left this morning. Sighing, I walked over to my closet. Remember, you aren't needing to impress anyone. It was true, It wasn't like I was a fan girl or anything of that sort.

    Taking hold of my closet's handle, I open the door. Standing face to clothing, I decided to find something decent to wear. If I didn't, I'd never hear the end of it. My hands flung about, looking for the perfect outfit. Clothing was all around on the floor. Summer dress? Naw. Shorts and a t-shirt? No way. It took just about forever to find the perfect outfit to wear for tonight; a t-shirt that had a galaxy print on it and had words; Dancing In The Dark in huge white letters. I chose some super skinny faded gray jeans. To top of the look I grabbed a pair of white converse and went into the bathroom. I turned on the shower and hopped in. Shit. I thought. The water was freezing. I got out and the air welcomed me like knifes do. They stabbed and poked me. But I didn't really mind.

    I dried off and put the towel back on the rack to dry. The cold air of the bathroom brushed against my skin. The window was fogged up, so I walked over and whipped the fog away, coming face to face with a girl that had sopping wet hair and was still dripping wet from a recent shower. Looking on the ground for my clothes, I grabbed my pants and t-shirt on and slipped my converse on, not bothering to get a new pair of socks out for me to dirty. My head turned and I looked in the mirror. A new person stood in front of me. One who was fully dressed. My hair still wasn't completely dry so I dried the rest with my blow dryer. Once my hair was dry, I grabbed my curler and began curling my hair. Once I had finished, I applied a bit of makeup and went out of the bathroom, without bothering to clean up the mess I had left. I'm just that type of person.

    I heard a knock at the door, making me jump a little, since I was not expecting it. Sighing, I looked at the clock that adorned my dresser. It read 4:45pm. I lifted my head up and walked towards the door. Without thinking, I opened it. There, stood a man I had never seen before.

"Danny?" I sputter. He actually looked good? Never thought that would come to mind. He was wearing black skinny jeans and a white t-shirt. Smiling, he shoved me out the door and pushed me down the flight of stairs. Landing on the floor, I looked back at him, ready to cuss him out. But he just pointed to the door. Muttering to myself, I got up and grabbed my white jacket and walk towards the door. Danny ran ahead of me and sprinted out the door, towards the car. Shaking my head, I walked towards the flashy blue sports car. Something about guys and flashy. Go figure. I got in and started buckling my seat belt, but when I saw that Danny was in a rush, I took longer. He muttered something under his breath.

"What was that, darling?" I asked, mimicking Harry. I knew that really got to him. Danny short a death glare my way, but I calmly ignored it. He sped ahead, without talking. Being myself I wanted to listen to music, so I turned on the radio. A song by One Direction came on. Thinking about them made me sick. I was about to change the channel when Danny slapped my hand. Looking at him, he turned back at the road like he had done nothing. Singing, I pressed into my car seat and drifted to sleep.

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