the sister of zayn malik

amber malik is the sister of zayn mailk. zayn ha alawy been protective of his sister but. what happens when she meet the band. will somthing happen?


4. chapthe4


will you be my girlfreind? harry asked me. og what will i say i know he is cuite and stuf but i dont know what to say. ok i think i have my answer now. yes i said a he gavie me a big smiall. we got out of the car and we walked in. omg what am im going to say to zayn how am igoing to tell him. we all walked in and zayn and the rested of the of boys came and liam has a giarl whit him wait a mint i know here i said to my slef. OMG SKYLAR!!!!! i said going up to her and giveing here a hugg AMBER!!! she said huggeing me back. i guess you to know echother said liam and zayn. OF CORSE WE DO! HOW DO WE NOT KNOW OUR BORTHERS BEST FRINDS SISTE! we said back. skylar panye is liam panye sister and my bff she has long blond haire and blue eyes. she gaive naill a big huge i have always knowed that sky has had a crush on naill. we where walking and and i heaered some on say my name. hey amber! i looked to see max ( he is ambers x) i looked at him and he came up to me and said amber i have missed you so much i said trying to  give me a huge. get a way frome me i said backing a away frome him come on i know you missed me he said commeing coles by now harry was by me side and so was zayn.( skyla and naill went off to go talk) dued back a way said zayn no he said pushing zayn back a awy now harry said pushing him bac why should i max said caues shes my girlfriend thats why harry said if looks could kill harry would be dead by zayn max backed a way not before looking at me and saying i will be back fro you. harry turned a round and i huged him. omg now zayn kowns what i'm i going to do. Harry i need to talke to you zayn said walking a awy whit harry. omg what is he going to say...

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