the sister of zayn malik

amber malik is the sister of zayn mailk. zayn ha alawy been protective of his sister but. what happens when she meet the band. will somthing happen?


1. capther1


Hey guys my name is amber mailk. yes befor you aske i'm zayn malikes little sister. i;m 17 years old and have long black hair and brown eyes. today my borther and his band are comming home for a few days i cant wait to see my brother and meet his friends. i think thats them now.

Zayns pov

today is the day we get to go home fro a few days. i cant wait to see my sister.the boys a i are staying a my house till we go back on tour. we are about to be there. ok guys i said we are almost there but theres one thing i want you to know my sister is off limits i said looking at all of them before we got out. we whent up to the door and ringed the door bell. i hered the door oppen and amber gave me a big huge we hugged for a long time then she let us in. our mom and dad whent on a holliday so it was just me amber and the boys. hey amber i woul like you to meet liam panye,harry styles, niall horan and louis tomlinson.

ambers pove

i whent to the door and answered it and gave zayn a big huge then he introduced me to his band mates he said i woul like you to meet laim panye he said ponting to a boy whit brown hair and brown eyes,harry styles he said ponting to a boy whit curly hair and green eyes, niall horan he said pointing to a boy whit blond hair and blue eyes and louis tomlinson he said ponting to a boy whit brown flat hair and browne eyes. hi! they said all together hi i said back shyly.the curly headed one looked so cute. i wounded where they are all going to sleep.

harrys pove

zayn intorduced us to his sister today. man zayn sister looked so cute and hot whit what she is whaereing. i think zayn saw me looking at here to long caues he gave me"the look" so i looked away.

ambers pove

after talking to the  boys for a long time i stared getting tired. ok guys i;m going to  sleep now i said going up to my room good night they said back.

A/N hey guys hope you like it if you want to be in my fan fict just comment the way you look in the comments :)

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