Forbidden love in the jungle

In the competetion `jungle survival`do we find two boys, one a hundre per cent gay, and another slowly turning by the seight of a pair of blue eyes. But in this competetion, love is forbidden. And if you want to win two million pounds, you'll have to stay strong. Will they manage. Hiding the love, sneeking around? Will they be strong enough. Or will another person end in the final.


2. Star talking


A/N: hope you enjoy :-)


Louis was laid on his back on the mattresses, looking up at the beautiful star filled sky with a smile. His hand was laid on his chest, where his fingers moved in between one another. “It’s beautiful” Louis whispered low, to the boy, lying on the other side of the fire. The stars twinkled on the black sky, some weaker than others. But yet shining just as strong, because it seemed like they were fighting.


Fighting for their life not the end, just yet. Like they didn’t want to go out, they just wanted to keep shine. Until they would eventually burn out, and melt into the dark sky. Louis liked to think, every time a person would die, they would turn into a star. His mum had always told him, that his grandma would be up there, looking down at them.  


She used to say ‘the brightest stars Louis, is when lovers die, they’ll find together in one star, while the weak ones is those who is still waiting for their loved one.’ It had always made Louis smile, he loved his mums stories, about anything. He had a free and open mind, just like his mum. He would be able to come up with the craziest stories, but they would always inspire people.


“It is” Harry nodded, pulling Louis out of his deep thoughts. Louis turned his head and smiled at the younger boy on the other side of the fire.


“can you hear the birds and animals in the forest?” Louis said low. The monkeys was screaming to each other. Probably because strangers had intaken their forest. Owls and different birds, was calling out in the night. Making it all sound like one big song. Louis closed his eyes


He dazed away into the sounds of the forest. The loud screams of the moneys, it sounded terrifying, yet so beautiful. The birds made one big symphony, Louis smiled lightly, as he tried to listing to the different birds singing. But it was impossible for him, it was one big mess, yet so beautiful mixing up together.


“What are you thinking? “ harry whispered and Louis felt a hand go through his hair.


Louis eyes opened slowly, so see harry sitting beside his mattress. “Just how perfect all the birds singing sound together. You know it’s one big mess, yet it’s so beautiful and perfect. I used to sometimes crawl out on the roof, in the night and listing the birds and talk to the stars” he chuckled low, realizing how stupid the last four words had sounded.


“talking to the stars?” Harry questioned with a small laugh


“Mum always told me, that my grandma was up there, looking down at me. As one of the brightest stars up there. Because she was proud of me. So I used to find the brightest star on the sky, and well, talk to it. Tell her how my day had been, and if I had done great. And if I had done bad, I would apologize.“


“That’s cute you know” Harry chuckled and smiled down at Louis.


“I try” Louis winked.


“How about if you were to talk to her now? What would you say?” Harry whispered.


“Gosh I haven’t done this in years” Louis giggled and smiled. “hi grandma…So it have been a while haven’t it…yeah I’m sorry, like really. I guess I have just been doing some pretty bad stuff. And im sorry. I just I guess my last boyfriend was a bad influence on me, with smoking the weed, drinking and so on…


…and eventually mum pulled me out, she forced me to live at home and say away from my ex. She got me a job and anything. I was out in a big mess, god. I regret it now fully, I hope you know that. Well it happened again, the weed smoking. I got fired and mum eventually threw me out from home, and I lived with a couple of friends…


…I wish you would had been there, because you know I listen to you. I listen to you a lot, and grandpa, but he is up there with you now. And I hope you two are damn fine…you always made a brilliant couple, and I wish for that someday. But you know, its hard to be gay. Because every fit guy is straight, or taken. Like this guy here…


…he is cute right, yeah I know. But shh don’t tell him alright…Mum send me out here, of reasons. I started bringing hookers home, not good for the girls…and I regret it now, I regret it so bad. I just wish that I would maybe, maybe find someone in life that will turn me different…but its hard you know, I wish I lived back in the time where you and grandpa lived, because damn your love is beautiful, and that’s all I wish for…


…But I promise to behave, and try to make friends that are better for me, because the old ones was definitely not…Maybe harry will be good for me, and I talked to some of the other boys here, and they seem quite friendly and nice…I love you grandma, and tell grandpa that I love him to…bye” Louis had been whispering the whole thing, his eyes tearful, but a smile so bright was on his face.


“wow” harry whispered. He was completely lost for words. Louis had just opened completely up to a stranger, yet he actually talked to his “grandma” but harry had of course heard it all.


“Not a word to anyone” Louis chuckled low. “Its my past and I want to lay is behind me as much as possible. My old self scare me.”


“Not a word” harry shook his head and smiled down at the boy. “Goodnight?”


“Yeah maybe we should call it.”


“Can I uhh, move my mattress over beside yours?”


“If y-you want to?”


“Yeah I’d like to”


And then and there the two boys ended up falling asleep, by each other side, their hands intertwined under the blankets.


“good night”


“good night harry” 

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