Forbidden love in the jungle

In the competetion `jungle survival`do we find two boys, one a hundre per cent gay, and another slowly turning by the seight of a pair of blue eyes. But in this competetion, love is forbidden. And if you want to win two million pounds, you'll have to stay strong. Will they manage. Hiding the love, sneeking around? Will they be strong enough. Or will another person end in the final.


3. Im sorry guys

I know this wasnt what you expected when you saw i made a new 'chapter' But i need your helo, like majorly. PLEASE CONTINUE READING

I just entered a competition where my best friend from finland and i can meet the boys on May 5th where they are coming to give a concert in Denmark. And i ask you to simply vote for me everyday until friday. And i promise i'll either update on of my fanfics, the most wanted one to get updated. Or i'll write a one shot after wish, so you simply just tell me which fanfic you want  updated or a wish for a possible oneshot, I really write anything. So dont hold back.


Here is the link guys, it only works from a computer, and you can vote everyday until friday, i erally hope you'll support this and help me, because you guys are the best readers i have.


This one will be in all of the other movelleas as well, so you dont have to check those, just simply tell me what you want and i'll write it. I love you guys.


Here you can vote, its danish so thats why you doesnt understand but just click the button VOTE.

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