Forbidden love in the jungle

In the competetion `jungle survival`do we find two boys, one a hundre per cent gay, and another slowly turning by the seight of a pair of blue eyes. But in this competetion, love is forbidden. And if you want to win two million pounds, you'll have to stay strong. Will they manage. Hiding the love, sneeking around? Will they be strong enough. Or will another person end in the final.


1. Camp


A/N: New fanfic. Because im ending 'Our own little fairytale' soon and this idea was stuck in my head. Enjoy


"Welcome boys" nick grimshaw said and smiled at the eight boys standing on a line in front of him. "The rules are simple. Survive." He said with a laugh, a rather mocking one. "We don't want to see any violent behaviour toward each other. As well as loving. You know what happens if you fight or get an affaire with one of the others. You will end with getting voted home. You'll be out there in 8 weeks, or let me say it like this only two of you will, you'll have to fight for the two million pounds that are on play " nick grinned. " there is four camps waiting for you, when you get to them it's yours. But max two in one camp. If you're lucky you'll get the good camp, if you ain't, we'll prepare to sleep under the stars. And last but not least. You set the rules" he nodded and moved his eyes over the boys. "But love affaires don't seem to be a problem. You're all boys" he added.


Louis one of the smaller boys raised his hand. He had feather falling, brown hair. With light blue eyes, and a slight hint of grey lighten in them. His half toothed smile was showing, and he looked rather energetic. "What if you are gay?" He asked with a fine light voice.


"Then it's your problem. No love affaires" nick said sharply, causing the little boy to move back a little. "Great, welcome to the jungle boys, of you go. Remember we will record your every move"


The boys looked at each other.


There was a tall guy, called Harry. With curly, dark brown hair, and a pair of bright green eyes. This boy was a known singer, in the UK. His smile was wide, giving his cheeks a small hole in each side, his dimples. He was standing with his hands in his pocket, and seemed like he couldn't care less about this shit.


By his side, stood a slight shorter boy. This was nick, a model. Because of his perfect face and body. His black hair in a small quiff and looked as smooth as possible. His cheek bones were perfectly shaped, under a pair of dark blue eyes.


Niall an Irish bloke, slightly taller than Louis. Was standing on the other side of harry. His hair was a dark shade of brown from the roods to the blond highlights in the tip of his hair, but only on the top. His eyes was the brightest blue colour, Louis had ever seen. He was smiling, a wide toothy grin and laughing to himself.


By nialls side stood a tanned guy with dark hair, his looked quite mysterious but Louis liked that. He had seen him banter around with a guy called josh, the smallest of the boys, yet the one who had the biggest muscles.


Ed seemed to be the oldest of the 8 boys. He was a ginger, like extremely red haired. He also seemed to be the only one, who actually took all this seriously. The competition and so on.


Louis was to deep in his own thoughts, that he didn’t notice the other boys had wandered of to find their camp. It was only when we felt a poke on his shoulder and a voice in his ear. His eyes looked up and meet the pair of green eyes he had been staring at, secretly.


“are you coming? Or are you going to stand here all day” Harry chuckled low, at the smaller boy.


“Uhh yes, im coming” Louis blushed and walked of with the boy.


“I guess I will see you sometime” Harry smiled and walked away from Louis.


Louis found the jungle rather disgusting. The air was warm and damped. The smell of animal pee, didn’t make it easier to breath. Louis fought his way through one of the marked trails through the hot jungle.


His shirt started to get sticky of the sweat, and he decided to pull it of. After what felt like hours walk. Louis made it to a opening, surrounded by trees. He saw the small fire place with a cooking over it. And two mattresses, on each side of the fire. “fuck” Louis groaned loudly.


Being one of the unlucky people he did have to sleep under the starts, no tent, nothing.


But it looked like there was a shower and a chest. He walked over to it and opened it. His face lighten up, it was filled with snacks and blankets. Maybe this could be enjoyable enough anyway.


He grabbed some stuff to start the fire with, and sat down on one of the mattresses.  He lighted up the fire and waited for someone to arrive.


“Looks like we’re the unlucky” a deep voice sounded, it gave Louis shivers down his spine. The green eyed boy. He was supposed to share with harry. “shit” he mumbled low to himself, the one person he had hoped on not sharing with.


Was the charming curly haired lad, from Cheshire. A guy Louis had fallen instantly for.


“but we have snacks and blankets, as well as a shower” Louis smiled at looked back at harry. “and wood for the fire right over there” he smiled and pointed at, a stack of wood blocs.


“seems like we’ll live” Harry laughed and took a seat beside the smaller boy.


“No because its to warm out here, so I cant get cuddles and we have blankets enough” Louis teased. Tho something inside him told himself that he wasn’t. He actually really wanted to cuddle this boy. But rules were rules.


“I guess we can figure something out with the cuddling”  harry smiled. Their eyes meet for the first time. It was like time stopped, for both of them. Louis breath hitched. Their eyes was connected for about a minutes, until harry had torn his own away.


“You got beautiful eyes” Louis hear a small mumbled from harry side.


Louis digs his nails into his inner thigh. This was going to get hard.

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