Kidnapped, By My Brother.

OMFG who in their right mind would kidnap their 12 year old little sister?!?! Really Louis? Really? Find out what's happens to12 year old Savannah in this story. Will she escape? Will he past come back to hAunt her? Read 2 find out.


3. you again_3

Savannah's pov

I woke up and I was in a strange place, though, the bed was very comfy. Wait, what did I think? Never mind. I'm just weird. I got up, ran to the door and opened it up but didn't know witch way to go because there were so many doors.I was in a hallway of doors. I took a right and Then took a left into someones room by accident " Uh sorry gotta go!" I said and ran off and than stopped not even thinking about what I just did . Well, sort of thinking about what I just did. DID I JUST TALK TO THE FAMOUS HARRY STYLES OF ONE DIRECTION? and then after I stopped I was picked up by somebody from my waist and so I screamed. Than someone came running in and took me out of ......harry's?.......... arms and set me on the floor. Louis. Louis Tomlinson was standing in front of me ......why was my brothers here? All I could say was well I I just stood up and looked him in the Eye and said"Leave me ALONE!" And ran. I found the door to the stairs and lucky me I just happened to roll down the WHOLE THING. I hurt my leg and tried to get up but couldn't. I was too weak. WAIT......... did THE Savannah Elizabeth Tomlinson just call herself -gulp- weak? Noi just wasn't strong enough. Yeah, that's right. I just wasn't strong enough. BACK TO REALITY- some blonde guy said" need some help?" " Yeah thanks...........Niall . Gotta go------------- bye" and with that I ran to the door and I actually got it open, but, when a I got a bout about fifteen feet outside I was pushed over and hen I was picked up up again and then, the competition got serious. I punched and kicked whoever was holding me and they dropped me and Then niall came towards me and I kicked him in the stomach-hard- and Then punched him in the jaw when Louis came up behind me and grabbed me and put me over his shoulder so I couldn't really do much................. Then Louis carried me inside and put me on the couch and pushed me back with his hand and said its okay Savannah. "Okay ? No its not okay Louis. You left me to deal with my screwed up life on my own when I was SEVEN- NOT FOURTEEN OR FIFTEEN OR SIXTEEN- SEVEN YEARS OLD to deal with our dad and you have NO CLUE what I've been through cause I have had One twisted ankle, two broken legs, and three, YES, three broken arms because of him. and your the  one that caused it because he got so freaking angry When you left and he took it all out on me just because of you. You are the One that caused this ad you can't undo it because I no longer trust you I would rather have any other person  the world be my brother I don't care that your'e rich or famous or anything............. I FLIPPING HATE YOU LOUIS TOMLINSON!!!!!!!!!!!" And with that I stormed off to my room with tears in my eyes and I slammed my door with thoughts of hatred and anger in my head and Then I cred myself to sleep.



So what do you think? Was that to harsh on poor Lou? If you like comment like or even become a fave. Sorry I haven't updated in a while. I kinda well lost my $300 tablet no biggy. If you got any suggestions just let me know! Bye:)

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