Kidnapped, By My Brother.

OMFG who in their right mind would kidnap their 12 year old little sister?!?! Really Louis? Really? Find out what's happens to12 year old Savannah in this story. Will she escape? Will he past come back to hAunt her? Read 2 find out.


6. thank you

savannah's pov


"wow" was all i could say.

do you like it?" my brother louis asked.

"oh my god yes!" i exclaimed.

" so am i your brother again?"

"maybe..." I trailed off.

"ugh" he moaned exasperatly. "wait, theres more i wanted to show you, savannah," he trailed off.

he took me outside and there was a tiny little hoiuuse, like, a dog house, omg wait! " you got me a dog?!" i asked excitedly.

"mhm," he said. 

a small beagle walked out of the dog house and i knelt down to pet it when it jumped on me and started licking my face

" stop it!" i exclaimed cheerfully.

" your welcome," lou said sarcastically.

i hugged him and replied thanks your the best brother ever," 

"so do you for give me?" he asked willingly.

 i paused still hugging him, " Yes, ",replied simply.


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