Kidnapped, By My Brother.

OMFG who in their right mind would kidnap their 12 year old little sister?!?! Really Louis? Really? Find out what's happens to12 year old Savannah in this story. Will she escape? Will he past come back to hAunt her? Read 2 find out.


9. News, Bad News


savannah's p.o.v.

     I was sitting in my room watching tv when i passed through the news channel and saw my brother and the rest of 1D in a photo together.

     "We have just received news that one direction may be holding captive a young girl at about the age of 13 and possibly related to one of the members of 1D. Find out more after the break" The lady announced.

i stood their shocked.

     " LOUIS !!!!!!!!!!!!! " i screamed.


Louis' P.O.V.


     I heard Savannah scream my name from two floors above me and it was pretty loud. I got up and darted for the steps as my shoes screached across the hardwood floor. What happened to her? Why did she scream? Was she hurt? I pushed the door open and saw her standing their staring at the T.V. the remote on the floor and her hand out as if she was still holding the remote. she turned and looked at me.


     " LOUIS LOOK AT THE T.V. NOW. " she demanded.

It came back from commercial and it explained everything.


To Be Continued





hey guys so my computer is dieing and i made this a to be continued. If you want to be in my story just follow me (if you want to) on instagram. i am posting a pic of a movellas "M". Post a comment on the pic saying who you want to be and what story because i am doing this for two different stories. My username is savannah_elizabeth_1159 girl friends or best friends or family just comment k thanks bye.


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