Kidnapped, By My Brother.

OMFG who in their right mind would kidnap their 12 year old little sister?!?! Really Louis? Really? Find out what's happens to12 year old Savannah in this story. Will she escape? Will he past come back to hAunt her? Read 2 find out.


7. My Brother Again

Louis' pov 

So, i got Savannah her dog back that our dad sold off to somebody not to long ago. It turns out she has two friends named gabrielle brooke. her dogs name is Jackson and her favorite colors are light purple and lime green. I have 3 brothers and 2 sisters that came before me and ran away because of Lew. im not even going to call him dad anymore - damn it!  i just did! oh well my sisters are Tara and Hope and my brothers are T.J. , Johnny, and Richard. she found an old family photo from before mom died and dad became a arse. By the way Savannah is American. _BACK TO REALITY_ i was in the kitchen looking for a snack and then Niall walked in and took the chips out of my hand and walked away not saying another word. Well, that's Niall for ya'. I guess. i walked in the living room with another bag of chips and and opened them. salty and potatoey. yeah that's right PO-TA-TOE-Y new word. hey yo dictionary i gotta new word ! :) any ways im glad im her brother again. even though i always really was.

Savannah's pov

So, i'm glad that Lou is my brother again, even though he always really was. 






hey guys just wanted to say im going to add a picture to every chapter now (or at least try to add one) well anyways i take suggestions and dont forget to comment and like :)


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