Drawn To Danger | Justin Bieber

Catie is a NY-Chick. But she moved to Stratford after her dad shot a boy by "accident". She barely even sees her mom. She goes to a party with her girls, as her attention is caught by a pair of dark eyes. His aura keeps Catie drawn to him, but he's nothing like she expected. So are you ready to find out what will happen when an out of town girl falls in love with the wring boy?


9. Who got what she wanted? I did..

The gross smell got even stronger and I couldn’t believe my own eyes. It was like a night mare coming true, like standing in the middle of a horror movie. Right there in front of my eyes hung at least 10 dead bodies. They hung in something that looked like bags, like those you carry dresses and suits in when you by them at those really expensive stores. Like the ones you always carry wedding dresses in!
They were all red from the blood on the inside and shivers started running down my spine, spreading to my whole body. I could feel the fear taking me and I started to get dizzy and my head started pounding like crazy, but at the same time, I just couldn’t help but looking at all those dead people.


Justin: “Baby, are you alright?”


I was unable to say anything; I felt like medusa had come along and looked into my eyes, turned me to stone. It was like my soul and my subconscious had stepped out of body to stand beside me and look at my own reaction. I was paralyzed and I am pretty sure my heart had stopped beating for a minute as well, when Justin broke the silence and pulled out of the room in a rush. When he closed the door and locked it I felt tears forming in my eyes as Justin turned around to look at me. His facial expression was almost matching mine, though mine was more of a scared expression and his was more of a sorry.


Justin: “I am so sorry about this baby… I shouldn’t have brought you here”
Catie: “It’s alright, I asked you to. It’s just a lot to t-take in”


My voice cracked and I started crying as Justin pulled me into his arms and kissed my hair. He started rocking me gently from side to side as he realized that I lacked comfort. He lifted me off the basement floor, bridal style and carried me upstairs and out in the car, though he didn’t have in his mine to drive away. He opened the door to the backseat and put me in there. He crawls up next to me on the backseat pulling me close and I burry my face in his chest.


Justin: “Are you sure you’re okay baby?”
Catie: “I’m fine love, I’m fine”


I little tear escaped my eye as I realized how cruel Justin could actually be.


Catie: “What if the police ever find this place?”
Justin: “Then I’m fucking screwed babe…”
Catie: “I’ll make them take me with you!”
Justin: “I’ll end up in jail if they find this place! Hell no you ain’t coming with me”
Catie: “Yes I am, I wouldn’t be able to live for a day without you”
Justin: “Oh Catie!”


His soft lips are once again over mine, as he pulls me even closer. He forces me to lie on the back seat with his strong arms and I give in. Follow every single order he might come up with. He places his hands on my knees and push legs up so they bend. He pulls my legs apart as he sit on his knees in front of me and slowly bends down laying his body over me. He starts kissing me in kind of way that tells me everything about what he wants. He places his hands on my legs as he wraps them around him, places his hands under me and pulls me up so I’m sitting on his lap. He turns himself a slight bit so he can place his legs in the floor. He cups my face in his hands as he smacks his lips onto mine separating them with his tongue which begs for access to my mouth. I am on top, this time he’s on the bottom.



Soon enough Justin’s hands find their way up under my blouse and he starts running his hands up and down my spine while he moves his lips from mine and moving on to my neck. His soft warm lips leaving kisses and hickeys on my neck sends shiver down my spine, but I enjoy the feeling. Justin grabs the bottom of hair which hangs loosely down my back and he gently pulls it so my head follows which stretches my neck out giving him full access. He moves his hands from my back to my front as they immediately find their way to my breasts and he presses then together while he starts kissing them.


What is he doing to me? Making me feel like this? It’s torture! Sweet sexy torture, which I can’t get enough of. He lets go of my breasts and finds the edge of the back of my jeans. He grabs my ass and a gentle chuckle escapes his mouth which was busy kissing my neck.


Justin: “We can’t do this, not here”
Catie: “Oh? Why not?”
Justin: “Because, I can’t have sex with you like this…”
Catie: “Again, why not?”
Justin: “Because I want to make sweet love to you, not bang you in the back of my car”


I have to run the sentence through my head a few times before I actually understand what he just said. Well maybe he wants sweet love, but right now I don’t. So I should twist the words a little, and make him continue…


Catie: “Then…”
Justin: “Then what?”
Catie: “Make love to me in the back of your car”


He looks at me as if I bumped my head so I smack my lips onto his, this time I have the control, I decide what’s happening and he’s giving in to every single one of my orders. Intense kisses and Justin’s hands everywhere because he can’t resist it, whenever I want him, I get him. I slowly pull my lips off his after a long intense kiss and place my lips next to his ear, gently biting his earlobe as a quiet moan escapes his lips.


Catie: “Listen clearly Justin. I want you, right here, right now”
Justin: “But Catie I-“
Catie: “Shh baby. Just relax, but don’t be gentle”


My quiet whispering has an effect on him that I don’t want to know about. He instantly shuts his mouth and gives in to every single I said. He carries me off his lap and places me on the seat. He takes his shirt off and his sexy trained body comes to sight, god damn he’s sexy! He looks at me for a few seconds, probably wondering what he should do to me, until he finally grabs my shirt and rip it in half. Easy Bieber.

He pulls my jeans and my panties off in a rush and soon enough he’s naked himself. He’s just about to lie down on top of me when he realizes that I still have my bra on. He fumbles with his jeans and pulls out his car key. He pulls the middle of my bra up, place the key right in the middle and rips my bra, in half as well.


He places himself on top me and tells me he’ll get me a new one. He starts kissing me and touching me, rubbing himself against me and I start to feel his erection.

The sound of foil getting ripped slightly touches my hearing senses and the he slowly presses himself into me making me moan. He slowly pulls himself halfway out and start to make a slow rhythm which only makes me moan even more…



Catie: “uugh. Justin”

Justin: “Mmhmm baby’’

A few moans escape my mouth for every time he push himself into me. My desire is uncontrollable. When I tell him not to be gentle, he is. When I tell him to be gentle, he teases me. Justin’s hoarse deep breaths fill my ears and I scratch his back with my nails and pushes my hips upwards to meet him.


Justin: “More baby?”
Catie: “Yes!”
Justin: “yes what?”
Catie: “Please baby”
Justin: “Mmmm, good girl”


He starts pushing even harder and literally starts fucking me, in the back of his car. So who got what she wanted? I did. Justin’s sexual torture is becoming too much for me as I realize how tired I am getting. Every single muscle inside of me is working on high pressure, doing everything to satisfy both me and Justin. Justin crashes on top of me and I use the opportunity to finally run my fingers through his hair. He’s sweaty and sexy and small drops of sweat runs down his face and lands on my chest where his head is resting. I wrap both arms around Justin and hold him close as he tries to catch his own breath. He gets back up and put his jeans and boxers back on, he hands me his shirt, since he ripped mine apart, including my bra. I get my panties and jeans back on and then Justin’s shirt and we drive back to the house.

When we got home, it was late, very late. And I just wanted to go to sleep, so I went directly upstairs took off my jeans and got in bed. A couple of minutes later Justin joined me in the bed. I places my head in his chest so i could here his heartbeat and he wrapped his one arm around me, while he used the other hand to caress my cheek.

Justin: "Catie, I love you so much. I thought you would run away after what I showed you today"
Catie: "Justin, I'd never leave you. I already told you that"
Justin: "Can i tell you something, from the buttom of my heart?"
Catie: "Yeah sure, if you feel like"

He moved his head a bit closer to mine and his low whisper filled my ears

Justin: "I love you, to the moon and back again"
Catie: "Oh Justin, I love you too!"
Justin: "Swear you'll never love anybody else than me"
Catie: "But I will love someone other than you baby. He'll look just like you, but he'll be callling you daddy"

I could almost feel his smile as he kissed my hair and said goodnight.


I wake up in a rush not knowing what happened. Am I alive? Oh jesus, it was just a dream!

Justin: "Baby are you okay?"

Tears start forming in my eyes again as I lie back down and try to calm myself down.

Catie: "Yeah I'm fine baby. It was just a dream"


So guys this was chapter 9! I hope you liked it even though it's a little short compared to some of the other chapters!
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