Drawn To Danger | Justin Bieber

Catie is a NY-Chick. But she moved to Stratford after her dad shot a boy by "accident". She barely even sees her mom. She goes to a party with her girls, as her attention is caught by a pair of dark eyes. His aura keeps Catie drawn to him, but he's nothing like she expected. So are you ready to find out what will happen when an out of town girl falls in love with the wring boy?


2. Two..

Catie, don’t do it. I can hear Brook, Ashley and Candice’s voices inside my head, but Justin’s lips are keeping me there. His lips are putting a spell on me while he pushes me against the wall. I still have my legs wrapped around so I won’t fall. Why am I doing this? Simple, I can’t help it. Damn, my mom is going to kill me if she finds out. And trust me, I know this is a bad, bad, bad idea, but he’s so attractive and feeling his desire only makes me want more, more, more.


Opening my eyes, lying in a bed literally fucked up thinking to yourself, what happened? Is never a good sign. I start to panic as I realize I don’t recognize the room when it’s suddenly clear to me, that Justin has his one arm wrapped around me. I feel his breath on my neck and it sends shivers down my spine. I don’t know if I should just get the hell out of here, or if I should stay. I decide that if I can get up without waking up Justin, I’m out of here! I slowly start moving as Justin tightens his grip around he and whispers in a hoarse sexy voice


Justin: “Where are you going?”

Catie: “Uhm, nowhere?”

Justin: “Then why are you moving?”

Catie: “Just feeling a little… Tied up…”

Justin: “Shawty, you are tied up, and you’re leaving, cause I am not letting go”


I guess not. Well I’ll just have to stay here then. In this moment, it hits me what just happened. God damn it, Ashley is going to K-I-L-L me. How could I do this to her? How could I just have sex with the boy who shot her father? She’s going to hate me! And yes, right now I don’t care about Brook and Candice’s opinion, they’re only involved because they don’t want me to be anywhere near Justin. Bitches. No, I’m sorry, they’re not bitches, they’re my friends, I am just annoyed because they always have to pretend that they are my parents. But anyways, alright I’ll just have to let it sink in; I just had sex with the bad boy of this town. Why Catie? Why?! Have you lost your mind? Yes. I have. Completely.


Catie: “Justin, shouldn’t we you know, get up or something?”

Justin: “We probably should, but what if you run away when I let go of my grip?”


Excuse me?! Is this boy just obsessed with me or what?


Catie: “I promise I won’t run”

Justin: “How do I know you’re telling me the truth?”


Jesus Christ. What’s wrong with him? I thought Dylan said that whenever Justin had sex he would throw the girl out? He said he would never make her stay for longer than 10 seconds after he was done with her? So what’s happening? Just to let him know I won’t leave, I turn around to face him, wrap my arms around his neck and kiss him passionately. When I pull away from him, the oh so well-known dark color in his eyes is completely gone, his eyes are completely hazel brown. Beautiful. He let’s go of me and I get up only to take his shirt on and put my panties back on. Justin gets up and put a pair of sweats on, no shirt. Wow, he looks a lot more than good. His body is muscular and he has some tattoos as well. I see the bird he talked about earlier, it’s cute. He has a crown tattooed right under his collarbone; it’s kind of sexy you know. Right under his other collarbone he has another tattoo. Roman numerals.


Justin: “What are you staring at?”

Catie: “I am checking you out”

Justin: “Oh. Can I please return that favor?”

Catie: “You want to check me out?”

Justin: “Yup. There is a lot of good stuff to check out on you”


I start to blush. That was kind of sweet, even though he made me sound like a sculpture placed in a museum. I walk towards Justin and I am ready to pass right by him when he takes my hand and locks his fingers into mine. He softly kisses me on the cheek and lead me down stairs. Really, someone should’ve taken a picture of Dylan’s face when he saw Justin holding my hand. I guess he’s not used to seeing that, no one is I guess. When Justin sees that Dylan is staring at us, he just send him a smile and lead the rest of way down the stairs. He pulls out the chair for me, so I can sit down as he kisses me on the shoulder, and this is where Dylan’s question comes in.


Dylan: “Dude? Are you wearing contacts or what’s happening to your eyes?”

Justin: “Man? What are you talking about?”

Dylan: “Your eyes man! They’re usually pitch black, but right now?”
Justin: “What now?”

Dylan: “It looks like Winnie the pooh poured honey all over them! They are all, hazel brown?”

Justin: “They are?”


Justin makes his way towards the mirror to study his own eyes, he kind of looks surprised when he sees that his eyes actually turned hazel brown.


Justin: “Dude, do you know how long time it is I saw my eyes being this color?”

Dylan: “Justin man, you’re losing the grip of your bad ass image”

Justin: “I know man… I know”


Their conversation stops right here. No more to talk about. The first time I saw Justin, his eyes had that black dangerous color and now as Dylan said, they’re all hazel. A couple of hours pass by with Justin and Dylan playing video games while I clean the house, it needs it. They asked to help me, but I told them to just sit down and relax. When I am done and place myself in the couch next to Justin who instantly pauses the game to turn around and kiss me. Dylan’s face lights up when I look at him, he’s smiling all over his face.


Justin: “Catie, I have to leave for a couple of hours, are you staying here with Dylan or?”

Catie: “Don’t worry about it, I’ll stay here and wait for you until you’re home”

Justin: “You’re not going home?”

Catie: “No. I’d rather stay here and take of you and Dylan”


A smile covers Justin’s face as he runs upstairs to get dressed and flies out the door when he’s done. He leaves the house with a goodbye for Dylan and a kiss for me. Dylan looks at, happily surprised and confused at the same time. I know he wants to say something, but I don’t he knows what to say. He just looks at me like I saved a life or something. As Dylan is about to say something, my phone rings. I run around to find it and pick up the phone


Ashley: “Where the hell are you? Don’t say home cause I’m there right now!”
Catie: “I’m not home. I am uhm… At Justin’s house”

Ashley: “GIRL WHAT! What are you doing there?!”


Ashley screams inside the phone and I think Dylan nearly got a heart attack as he looks at me like he’s trying to ask me what the hell is happening?


Catie: “Ashley, it’s alright! I’m okay”

Ashley: “I know! But he’s not going to be when I catch him!”

Catie: “ASH! I came over here by my own choice!”

Ashley: “Girl have you lost your mind!?”

Catie: “Yes I have. But please, just come over and let me explain!”


A couple of seconds pass by until she answers. I know she doesn’t want to be here, but I need to talk to her, and maybe Dylan can help me convince her that Justin isn’t that bad.


Ashley: “Okay. I’ll come over and let you explain, so you better have a good ass explanation ready!”


Okay. She’s coming over so I can talk to her; she’s probably not going to be happy when I tell her about what happened. But maybe Dylan can help me explain a few things. He still knows some sites of Justin I haven’t seen. Ashley knocks on the door, the knock itself is insecure, and she doesn’t like being here. I open to door to let her in and she’s shaking, I guess she’s afraid Justin is here. She looks everywhere around her to search for him, but he’s not here. If he was I would never have invited her. Dylan gets up from the couch to come over and say hi to her. She recognizes him and sends him a gentle smile.


Dylan: “Ashley, sit down. Catie has some things to explain”

Ashley: “Okay. Catie, bring it on. What’s going on?”

Catie: “Ashley, I am so sorry! But I think I might be falling for him…”

Ashley: “You what? You’re falling for a criminal, who uses girls?! Are you crazy?”

Catie: “Ash, I know this looks bad, but it’s not the only thing!”

Ashley: “Oh no… Do I even want to know the rest?”

Catie: “No, you probably don’t, but you’re my best friend! And I know I can trust you!”

Ashley: “Then tell me what it is, I can take it!”

Catie: “I slept with Justin earlier…”


Her face instantly becomes white as the walls. All her blood leaves her face and I’m pretty sure she’s dead for a second.


Ashley: “Catie, you did what?”
Catie: “Ashley I am sorry!”

Ashley: “NO! I am sorry! He uses girls! Justin Bieber doesn’t fall in love! You know that!”

Dylan: “Uhm, hey! Can just get to say something? Please?”

Ashley: “Yes please. Say something… Tell me more about how he uses girls…”

Dylan: “Ashley, shut up and listen. I know Justin used plenty of girls before, and he’s probably proud of it”

Ashley: “You see Catie?!”

Dylan: “Ashley! Shut the fuck up and let me explain! Jesus man… I am Justin’s best friend, I spend every second of the day with that boy, and never ever in my life have I seen that boy act like he does around Catie. It’s like he completely changes around her, to the better. Today, I couldn’t believe my eyes! Justin comes out of his room, holding her hand! Leading her all the way down the stairs, pulling out the chair for her, kissing her shoulder! But best of all, he was smiling. I have never a smile like that cover his face! You can see it in his eyes. And you’re right, Justin Bieber doesn’t fall in love, he uses girl”

Ashley: “HA! You see!”

Dylan: “SHUT UP! Justin Bieber doesn’t fall in love, cause he is in love. With her!”


Dylan points at me, and Ashley looks at me like I am making the biggest mistake in my life if I do this. But to be honest, do what? I already crossed her line, it can’t become worse than this.


Dylan: “Please Ashley, stay here. Wait till he comes home; see how he acts around her”

Catie: “Please Ashley! I am begging you; I don’t want to do this behind your back”

Ashley: “Alright… I’ll see. I’ll wait for him to come home.”


About an hour passes by before Justin’s car pulls up in front of the house. When he pulls down the door handle Ashley freezes. Justin comes in, hangs his jacket and head towards Dylan as he sees Ashley sitting there.

Justin: “Dylan? What is that girl doing in my house?”

Dylan: “Justin, this is Ashley, Catie’s best friend”

Justin: “Oh, nice to meet you Ashley”


He smiles at her, and she is speechless. She is crisp white in her face, but she’s not afraid of him.


Ashley: “Listen up Bieber! Hurt her, and I’ll break your face! Get it?”

Justin: “Hurt her? Catie?”


As Justin said my name I walked down the stairs and he turned around. His whole body started relaxing when he saw me. He was probably afraid that I ran away or something. Or then was Just afraid of Ashley. Justin excuses Ashley and walk towards the stairs. He looks directly in to my eyes all the way and he stops right in front of the stair to wait for me. When I reach the end of the stair, he puts his hands around my waist and carries me down form the last step. He hugs me tightly and kisses my hair. He let’s go of me, puts his hands on each side of my face only to pull me closer once again and kiss me. Ashley is completely frozen, I guess she can’t believe her own eyes. Just like Dylan, I guess he doesn’t really understand what’s going on with Justin. He takes my hand and walk around in the house, doesn’t matter where he goes he doesn’t let go. As I walk around with Justin, I hear Ashley and Dylan talking about us


Dylan: “So? What do you think?”

Ashley: “I can’t believe it. The cold hearted boy is… In love?”

Dylan: “I guess so. I think I’ll have to talk to him about it, cause I don’t really get it…”
Ashley: “Me neither…”


Justin pulls me towards the couch. He sits down and makes me sit beside him, leaning against him, I almost fall asleep when Dylan and Ashley comes over. I just pretend that I am asleep; maybe I can hear their conversation then.


Dylan: “Justin, man, what’s going on with you?”

Justin: “I don’t know man… I just… And oh Ashley, I’m sorry if you think I’ll hurt her”

Ashley: “I don’t think you will. Not after seeing this”

Justin: “Seeing this? What do you mean?”

Dylan: “She means after seeing you act like a fucking retard in love with a flower…”

Justin: “Oh… Yeah… We pretty much remind me of The Beauty And The Beast”
Ashley: “So Justin. Do you like her?”

Justin: “Like her? No. Not at all”

Ashley: “Excuse m-“

Justin: “I love her”


Silence. I think my heart just skipped like 1000 beats. He loves me? He, loves, me? Justin, in love? With me? Yes, he said it. He loves me. In this moment, I wish I didn’t love him back, but I do. He makes me feel like I know what I have been living for my whole life. I have finally found what I have been searching for.


Dylan: “You love her?”

Justin: “Yes, I love her more than anything. But I don’t want to get her into all this shit…”

Ashley: “What shit?”

Justin: “Ashley you know I am a drug dealer and stuff. I would never let anyone hurt her!”

Dylan: “But as long as you are in this shit?”
Justin: “I can’t be with her…”

Ashley: “Justin, you have to find a way. She will be heartbroken!”

Justin: “I know… And I don’t want her to be”

Dylan: “Then get your shit together and be with her!”

Justin: “I know! But you know what will happen if Nico finds her! “

Ashley: “Wait, who is Nico?”

Dylan: “He is kind of the boss in this gangster community…”
Ashley: “And so?”
Justin: “I owe him some money. So he’s just waiting for someone to become precious to me…”

Ashley: “And then?”

Dylan: “Then he is going to kidnap her and probably kill her”

Ashley: “That is so fucked up…”
Justin: “That’s what it’s like being involved in all this shit…”

Ashley: “Justin. You can do this; you can take care of her! I promise!”
Justin: “You think so?”

Ashley: “I know so! She would rather be with you and be in danger, than be without you…”


That’s true. Ashley knows me better than anyone. Even better than Candice and Brook, talking about the sun. Candice calls me, and Justin picks up the phone, damn I am so screwed.  He only says ‘Hi, it’s Justin?’ before Candice goes crazy, I can hear her scream through the phone. Justin stretches his arm and holds the phone away from his face. Candice keeps on screaming in to the phone, and she doesn’t sound happy. Tomorrow on school is going to hell. Justin places the phone next to his face again and says ‘Listen, call Catie back when you’re done screaming, alright? Break my face? Okay, bye’ wow, she’s really pissed. I feel Justin sliding his fingers through my hair. I open my eyes to see him staring at me, did I fall asleep in the end, I probably did. I look around, no Ashley and no Dylan. Maybe they left us alone? Maybe Dylan drove her home? Maybe they, no! I don’t want to think about it, that would be weird! Like really weird. Justin eyes are hypnotizing me, I just can’t think about anything else than his peaceful eyes. He is so beautiful, but yet so filled with hatred. He must be since he ended up in all this; he probably hates the man that killed his brother. Damn I do too. Poor Justin, my little baby Justin. The picture of his eyes being filled with tears when he got told his brother got shot fills my mind. I will safe him; I can’t let him stay in all this hatred. And if I could I would probably kill the man who killed his brother, but I don’t want to end up prison, and Justin is not there either.


Catie: “Justin, where is Ashley and Dylan?”

Justin: “Picking up some food. Pizza I think”

Catie: “Great, I like pizza”

Justin: “Well, me too. But I like you more”


He is no good for you Catie!
Catie you just stay away from that piece of shit!

Catie stay away from him! He uses girls!
He is a bad guy!


Oh yeah girls. Really bad. He is soft as a marshmallow. Underneath the bad guy is the real Justin, the Justin who just needs someone to love him, well baby your hero is here then. I would never leave him, ever. I am only afraid that he would get killed out there in the big world, cause I see that happen to a lot of people, and if I lose him, I’ll lose everything. The only boy I have ever felt like this about, if anyone took him from me? It would be the last thing they would do, and someone would probably build a fucking locked up square shaped cell for me somewhere, where I would get my food via a robot because everyone would be so damn afraid. Touch Justin, and you’ll die. My new motto. In the next second, Dylan and Ashley tumbles through the door laughing like hell, I wonder what happened?


Justin: “Guys? What are you laughing at?”

Dylan: “It was just this idiot who was too damn busy looking at the car, so he hit wall!”


Dylan and Ashley starts bursting into laughter once again, but this time Justin joins them. His laughter is the cutest thing I have ever heard and soon enough I start laughing as well. Two 18 year old boys, one 18 year girl and one 17 year old girl laughing their asses off because some idiot hit a wall when he was bicycling. I guess it’s quite funny, it must have looked funny. Though I kind of understand him, it’s not every day an 18 year old boy drives around in a Range Rover in this town. We finish our pizza and I am so tired Justin has to carry me up the stairs and into the bed. I enjoy being in his arms, it’s the only place I feel safe.


Justin: “I’ll take you to school tomorrow. Go to sleep”

Catie: “Not without you”

Justin: “Okay, I’ll go to sleep with you… if”

Catie: “If what Justin?”

Justin: “If… Uhm… If you’ll be my girl”


His voice whispering the sentence in my ear fills my brain. If I want to be his girl? Have I been living for anything else? Honestly, I was born for this guy!


Catie: “Your girl? I can be your -whatever- you- want- me- to- be”

Justin: “Is that a yes?”

Catie: “I would never say no”


The next morning when I arrived at the school in Justin’s car, I just expected to go out at get to school like no one was supposed to see who dropped me off. But no. Justin forced me to stay in the car so he could get out of the car and open the door for me, like a gentle man. Everyone is staring at him, at me, at the both of us. Everybody knows me, I am popular and everybody knows Justin, he is the bad ass guy who gives people goose bumps and makes them shiver whenever they see him or hear his name. Justin putting his arm around he, following me all the way to the school doors made people turn their heads, understandable. The guy who never falls in love, and then he’s with a girl? Justin stopped right in front of the door to say goodbye to me. He wrapped his arms around me and kissed me, not giving a fucking shit about the whole school staring at us. He was used to this kind of attention.


Justin: “I’ll see you tomorrow babe, have a good day”

Catie: “You too baby. I’ll see you tomorrow”


When I walked in people was just staring at me like they didn’t understand anything of what just happened. Of course, they didn’t understand and I don’t blame them! I mean, it must be weird to see the cute, popular, sugar sweet school girl with the bad ass of the town. But I am in love with him, and no one is going to change that. Oh shit… If I die now, please tell my mom, Justin and Ashley I love them and tell me dad I hope he will burn up in hell. Yes I still hate him. But there goes Brook, Candice and Ashley. Ashley of course runs towards to hug me and stuff, like she always does but Brook and Candice, oh no…


Candice: “Catie, why did Justin pick up your phone last night?”

Catie: “Because I was at Justin’s house?”

Candice: “And that were you doing there?”
Catie: “Hanging out with Justin?”

Brook: “Didn’t we tell you to stay away from him?”

Catie: “Yes, you did. But you’re not my parents! It’s not your business”

Candice: “We are trying to protect you!”

Ashley: “Yeah, protect her from her own boyfriend or what dumb ass?”

Brook: “Her what?”

Candice: “HER BOYFRIEND?!”


Oh yeah. And there goes the explanation about me and Justin being a couple now. Luckily Ashley was there to stand by my side, cause for sure Candice and Brook are not supporting our relationship. I know they always said they only want the best for me, but what about letting me decide what is the best for me? It’s my life, my choices, right?


The whole day passed by in the school with me only talking to Ashley. Candice and Brook don’t want to talk to me, but that’s their own choice. I just thought we had always said we would always support each other, well I guess not. It’s really hard to see two of your best friends taking distance to you because of your boyfriend. But I am not leaving him, if I did that I would be running right back to him within a second. Ashley and I have been talking the whole day about Brook and Candice could just act like that, they call me their friend, they should be happy, I guess not. But I don’t want to waste my time thinking about them being mad, they can come back when they accept my choice. When school was done I drove with Ashley home just as we had agreed. When we got home we ran into Ashley’s home, or I did, and I started a pillow fight, we would always do stuff like that. We started blasting some music as well, we would usually just run around and dance, but today we decided to make pan cakes. We never really do stuff like this, and trust me when I say Ashley is not the best cook in world, and I am certainly not either! So we start making our pancakes, and of course Ashley is going to play cool, so she tries out the let’s-throw-the-pancake-up-in-the-air-and-see-if-I-can-catch-it trick … That didn’t work. She dropped the pancake on the floor and threw it after me when she picked it up.


Ashley: “Catie! That was so much your fault!”

Catie: “How can it be my fault that you don’t know how to cook?”

Ashley: “Because you can’t cook either!”


We just laugh at each other by this point. How can we do anything else? When we finish laughing and finish the pancakes that actually did end up becoming pancakes, we head to the living room to talk about what me and Justin was going to do tomorrow. To be honest Justin had invited me out on a date tomorrow; he’s just trying to be real sweet and it’s working. Though he doesn’t want to tell me where we are going or anything, I am really excited to see what he has planned. Just in the middle of me and Ashley’s conversation, my phone starts ringing. Well, how cute, it’s my mom calling me from NY.


Catie: “Hi mom…”

Laura: “Oh hi honey”


My mom’s name is Laura, just so you know.


Catie: “What’s up mom?”

Laura: “Just wanted to tell you that I am coming home tomorrow! Yay huh?”

Catie: “Oh really, yay… Uhm mom, I kind of have plans tomorrow?”

Laura: “That’s alright, I’m not home before 11PM. Wait, who do you have plans with?”

Catie: “Uhm… My boyfriend”

Laura: “Honey! Why haven’t you told me you have a boyfriend? Bring him home tomorrow”

Catie: “But mom”

Laura: “No buts! Me and your father would like to meet him!”


My what? My father? No, no, no.  


Laura: “Honey I know you don’t want to talk to him, but he misses you!”

Catie: “It’s alright mom. Just bring him…I am pretty sure Justin would like to meet him”

Laura: “Justin, so that is the lucky boy’s name! Well I can’t wait to meet him”


I hang up and look at Ashley, she knows what’s wrong. I still can’t forgive him. And then not only that, he’s coming tomorrow, to meet Justin. He’s a cop, and Justin is a criminal! My dad always said that he spots criminals on miles distance.


Ashley: “Catie? Are you okay with that?”

Catie: “Yeah yeah, it’s fine I guess…”

Ashley: “Catie, maybe he likes Justin?”

Catie: “I don’t care about that right now. I thinking of the fact that I still can’t stand him”

Ashley: “I know Catie. But it’s going to be okay!”

Catie: “You’re right. Maybe I should call Justin to tell him”


After talking to Justin for about half an hour, to tell him about my mom and my dad visiting, he actually seems quite calmed about it. He said he would love to meet my parents and introduce himself to them like a real gentleman. Show them the boy who takes care of me and makes sure no one hurts me.


Ashley: “What do you think your mom thinks about Justin?”

Catie: “I don’t know, she probably thinks he looks too much like a bad ass…”

Ashley: “Catie, he is a bad ass. You can’t blame him for looking like one”

Catie: “I know. But I just don’t want her try to force me to dumb him…”

Ashley: “I see. Then what about your dad?”

Catie: “My dad is going to kill him if he finds out he’s criminal!”

Ashley: “Don’t even joke with that…”

Catie: “I know… Btw, why did Justin shoot your father?”

Ashley: “I guess he thought it was him who shot his brother…”

Catie: “Yeah, that makes sense…”


The school next day was over before I even arrived. Or that was what it felt like, probably because I have tons of other things to think about. And to luckily interrupt my thinking, I open the school door just to see the black Range Rover on the parking space. Justin is leaning against the door with his sunglasses on, he slowly takes them off and smiles when he sees me, people start staring again. They’re not used to Justin being around places like this, or girls like me. I run into Justin’s arms and he lifts me up and spins me around, like one of those Hollywood movies. Justin kisses me and I feel a bunch of eyes on us again. I’ll have to get used to that. But maybe one day people will stop staring and just accept it.


Justin pulls up in front of my house, telling me to get in and get dressed. He says he’ll pick me up at 7PM, so I have 3 hours to get ready. I hurry inside the house take a shower and try to find out what to wear. Maybe a cute dress or something? I turn my glare towards a pretty little summer dress. It’s loose so I grab a belt to put around my waist showing off my curves. My famous pair of cream colored heels finishes my outfit for tonight. I just curl my hair a little bit so make it look like something other than straight for once. Before I know of it 3 hours has passed by and Justin is right outside. He knocks on the door and I run down the stairs to open. When I open that door, I swear I could die. Justin stands there in his jeans, a white T-shirt and a denim vest. He holds his hands behind his back like he’s hiding something, and when he pulls out a bunch of roses I have to catch my breath. That’s the sweetest thing ever. I quickly find a vase for them, run upstairs and place them on my desk. Justin is downstairs waiting for me, and his eyes become wide open when he gets an actual chance to look at me.


Justin: “Wow baby. I thought you were beautiful before, but now… Whoosh…”

Catie: “You shouldn’t be talking Justin. You look amazing”

Justin: “Only because you are in my life babe”


He kisses me passionately, takes my hand and pulls me out to the car. Justin and I has been driving for what seems like hours, but it’s just a couple of minutes though, when we arrive at a little forest. Justin guides me through the forest so I don’t fall, and when he stops we are standing on front a huge tree, and in that huge tree is a tree house. A latter is hanging from the little tree house so we can climb up. Justin let’s my climb first with his gentle words ‘Ladies first’ or in Justin’s language, ‘You go first girl so I have an excuse for looking at your ass’ cause I am pretty sure that was what he meant. When I get inside the tree house I can barely believe my own eyes. Light chains everywhere lighting up the little cottage, a carpet on the floor and pillows and flowers everywhere. Justin puts his arms around me and whispers in my ear


Justin: “The perfect place, for the perfect date, with the perfect girl”

Catie: “A perfectly happy girl because her perfect boyfriend prepared the perfect date a perfect place”

Justin: “If you should be in doubt, the perfect boyfriend is only perfect because of his perfect girlfriend”


Justin kisses me on the cheek and let go of me. He throws himself in all the pillows and I place myself beside him. There’s a little hole in the ceiling of the tree house, so we can look at the stars. Never ever in my life have I experienced anything more romantic? Not even in the movies have I seen anything like this. I place my hand on Justin’s chest, feeling his heart beat in a slow and calm rhythm. Justin puts his arms around me to pull me up so I’m lying on his chest and he kisses me. His plumb lips are one of the many things I will never ever get tired of. Justin’s tongue slowly finds access to my mouth as we start making out. Dear god, if this is a dream, please don’t ever wake me up.

It doesn’t take Justin’s hands a second to slip up under my dress to grab my ass. Typical Justin. He slowly pulls my dress over my head so I am basically just lying there in my underwear. A couple of minutes pass by before Justin is lying there only in his boxers. I can tell by the look in his eyes that he just wants to fuck me up right now, but that look in his eyes disappears as he kisses me and pull away from me again. He hold me tight in his arms and his nose is touching mine.


Justin: “Baby, the first time we did this, it wasn’t very romantic, I know that. So let me make it up to you”

Catie: “it was romantic enough for me baby”

Justin: “Maybe, but you deserve more than that to remember”


Justin’s passionate kiss instantly puts a spell on me just like they always do. The spell removes all my thoughts and activates all of my senses. Justin’s and my own desire are both growing and right I don’t how the hell he manages to not just go crazy. Maybe because it’s pretty much my job being crazy. The next second goes like this; Justin gets on top of me. Second done. A couple of seconds after, Justin gets off me again. He sits next to waving me up.


Justin: “Stand up baby”

Catie: “Why baby?”

Justin: “Just do it, please”


I get up and stand in front of him. His eyes are everywhere on me, which is kind of weird to me. I am not used to standing in front of people in my underwear. Justin gets up as well and stands in front of me. He starts taking my underwear off in a slow way. God this boy will be my death someday. Okay, right now I am standing completely naked in front of Justin and it’s still just kind of weird. I am so not used to this. I wrap my arms around myself in insecurity and Justin looks at me as if he could tell I don’t feel good right now. Staring at the ground I suddenly see a pair of feet in front of me own, I look up to a naked Justin standing in front of me, taking my arms away from my body and wrap them around his neck. He puts his hands on my waist and closes his eyes as he pulls me close. His body is warm and his heartbeat is fast. Justin lifts me up like we just got married and he was about to carry me over the door step, and then he sits down with me between his legs and he’s still just hugging me, but it’s not like that for many seconds before Justin again ends up on top of me. Justin kisses me softly and says


Justin: “Babe. Last time, I fucked you and it was over. This time, we’re making love”


With a little simple sentence as that one Justin presses himself into me and oh my god. He is bigger than I remember. The slow rhythm of whatever Justin calls love is literally driving me crazy. I am pretty sure I’ll be losing my mind soon. It only gets better and my desire is only growing when Justin suddenly stops.


Catie: “No Justin. What are you doing?”


I think every word coming out of my mouth is in a mixture of moans and confusion.


Justin: “More?”

Catie: “Yes! And never less than that!”


The gentle smile on Justin’s face grows wider and I get what I asked for. More! More! More! Like in the song, Rebel Yell; in the midnight hours she cries more, more, more.

Hell yeah I am!


More than exhausted, more than week, more than tired. That’s all I am right now, and my mom are expecting us at home. Someone please slap that woman. No wait, slap my dad first. I tell Justin to get up and get dressed so we can both look just a little presentable when we get home. But well looking presentable is something Justin always does, especially when he just had sex, Jesus Christ nothing more sexy than this boy exists.


We get in to the car and head towards my house. All the in the car we talk about how nervous I am to show him off for my parents. I already told him that my dad is a cop, so he’s prepared for that. All he says is like, ‘Trust me babe, I’ll make a good impression’ and I do trust him, it’s my dad I don’t trust. I feel my heart beating faster as we pull up in front of my house. I recognize my mom’s car. Justin is being a real gentleman opening the door and everything. We walk up to the door and knock. My mom opens the door in a second and goes crazy..


Laura: “HONEY! I missed you so much! Your dad will be here in a second he’s just upstairs! Come in”

Catie: “Yes, okay mom”

Laura: “And you! You must be Justin! Catie Lynn honey he’s really cute good job!”

Catie: “Mom seriously. You’re so embarrassing”

Justin: “It’s okay baby. Nice to meet you miss.”


My mom and Justin shakes hands and my mom seem really impressed by Justin. She leads us to the kitchen, where Justin stands behind me with his arms wrapped around me when my dad walks in, that disgusting creature. Murderer.  Jim. That’s his name. The name of the man who murdered a kid by “accident”


Jim: “Catie honey, long time ago! I missed you”

Catie: “Yeah yeah, I missed you too dad…”


He knows I am cold, and he knows I am lying.


Jim: “So where is the boy?”

Catie: “Day, this is Justin. Justin, my dad”


My dad reaches out for Justin’s hand as they both instantly freeze when they look inside each other’s eyes. A slightly huge amount of fear touches my dad as the well-known pitch black color returns to Justin’s eyes.


So guys! Here was the requested chapter 2! I hope you liked it, cause I really enjoyed writing it!
I hope it lives up to your expectations! Please let me know what you think about it in a comment!
Looking forward to see if  chapter 3 will be just as requested!
- Me<3

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