Drawn To Danger | Justin Bieber

Catie is a NY-Chick. But she moved to Stratford after her dad shot a boy by "accident". She barely even sees her mom. She goes to a party with her girls, as her attention is caught by a pair of dark eyes. His aura keeps Catie drawn to him, but he's nothing like she expected. So are you ready to find out what will happen when an out of town girl falls in love with the wring boy?


36. Time to get the truth out

Justin: "You're acting so fucking weird!" 
Catie: "And why is that your motherfucking problem Justin?!" 

I slammed the door shut and threw myself on the bed for the 4th time this week. Ever since I had been at the doctor's and get the news, my hormones had been acting up. I still hadn't told Justin anything, cause I wasn't sure about his reaction. I could here him walking around confusingly downstairs as I cried my eyes out. 

My feelings was just going crazy, sometimes I could just sit and cry out of no where. 
I could be angry for no particular reason... 

I was just a mess right now, and it was pretty annoying for me, cause I got stressed which wasn't good for anyone, if you're a girl and you've ever been stressed, then you know what I talk about. 

I had been laying for myself in about 5 minutes before I heard Justin walking angrily up the stairs. I knew that I had made him angry, again. I knew that in a matter of seconds he was going to burst right through that door and start screaming and shouting at me, for acting all weird out of the pure nothing. Before I could dry my tears off Justin rushed the door open, walked in and started screaming and shouting at me while he threw his hands around in the air like a confused retard. 

Justin: "Listen to me Catie! I din't know what the fuck is wrong with you anymore! You've changed so much in no time! I don't know what's going on in your fucking head and don't want to know! But I'm getting fucking sick and tired of your immature behavior Catie! 

Oh no he didn't... 

Catie: "I'm acting immature?!" 
Justin: "Yes! You're acting like some crazy ass pregnant teenage bitch who can't find her baby daddy!" 

His words pushed me over the edge. oh I knew who my baby daddy was, but right now I wish I didn't. So yes of you haven't guessed it, I'm pregnant. And yes it is Justin's baby, but he doesn't know cause I'm afraid of telling him, therefore I'm not gonna do it until I'm ready. The tears streamed down my face as I looked directly into his heated, angry gaze. I could see his chest raising up and down from anger as he breathes heavily to get himself a little down to earth again. 

Catie: "You're such an ass." 

My voice cracked from the hurt feeling inside me as I spoke my words. A part of me meant what i said and another part of me just regrettet it so much. Justin's eyes instantly changed as his loosened a little bit and suddenly seemed hurt, just like me. He walked towards me and sat on the bed with me as he slowly raised his hand to my face and gently touched my cheek. It was kinda late at night, and I was tired and my hormones was just rushing around in my body giving me a headache. 

Justin: "I… I didn't mean to baby, please forgive me" 

He looked sincerely in my eyes as he grabbed my hand with his others and caressed it with his thumb. He lifted my hand to his face and I felt his hot lips hit my hand as he kissed it and laid down pressing my hand to his cheek. I laid down beside him and rested my head on his shoulder as I turned his face and gently kissed him. He cupped my face in his big warm hands and pulled my lips closer to his, pressed them against his soft plumb lips as he slowly let go of my face and wrapped his strong arms around my body and pulled it closer to his. A warm sensation kept shooting through my body along with his heartbeat which I could feel in my hand through his shirt. I slowly pulled my lips off his, and he had a certain weird look on his face as if he wanted to ask me, if anything was wrong, but I was simply tired ans laid my head on his chest while I cuddled his hair with my fingers, made him tired until he dirfted to sleep with me. 

Catie: "Morning baby" 
Justin: "Morning" 

I softly kissed his shoulder as I stood behind him and watched him cook breakfast, or I think it was breakfast? I didn't even know what time it was. Not that I thought that much about it, but still it's kind of nice to know what the time is so you'll know whether you're a day-sleeper or not. 

Catie: "Baby what time is it?" 

His sweet chuckle filled the room with joy as he looked at me and smiled big. His eyes was lighting up from pure happiness today and I started wondering if he had a little surprise up his sleeve. He probably had, I know him too well. 

Justin: "It's 1pm baby" 

In the same second, Dylan came home and I was just standing in my underwear. I turned around and opened my eyes widely as Dylan dropped everything he had in his hands and just stared at me. I'm guessing Justin must've turned around and seen the way Dylan looked at me, since he wrapped his arms around and turned me away from Dylan, pulled off his tank top and pulled it over my body so he was in his jeans. I admired his shirtless body as we turned around and continued cooking. Dylan walked over to me and gave me a hug as he always did and just because he was weird, he gave Justin a kiss on the cheek which Justin quickly swiped away. 

Dylan: "Man that sucked? Why can't I kiss your cheek?" 
Justin: "Because you're my best friend, and that cheek belongs to my wife" 
Dylan: "I was here first? You break my heart man..." 
Justin: "I'm sorry... Dylan, will you marry me? And have a threesome with me and my wife later?" 
Dylan: "YES!!!" 

Justin instantly stopped dead in his track and turned around to look at Dylan, who instantly took his words back and laughed his ass off from Justin's reaction. Now saying Justin's reaction wasn't funny would be a lie though. 

When Justin was done with the dinner and we were eating, I was of course eating a lot more since now i was eating for two. Both Justin and Dylan looked weirdly at me as if I was crazy, so I decided that tonight... Was going to be the night where I'd have to tell them, cause I couldn't keep it in anymore and Justin had to know, since it's his child. 

Catie: ".... Justin?" 
Justin: "Yes baby?" 

I took a deep breath and prepared myself to either win or lose in this. he could either get extremely happy, or extremely mad.. 


How will Justin react? 
Find out in 30 minutes when I post the next chapter.. 

- Me <3

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